Do you have a cozy small house? Are you thinking about can a small house be decorated? Your house is small but complete in every detail. Of course, you can decorate it. Goodware introduced the PU crown moldings before. This time, we are going to tell you other 3 design strategies for small house decoration. In a limited space, let’s create a beautiful European style home!

small house decoration

Design strategies 1 – Roman Columns

The Roman columns are large elements for small house decoration. Do they look particularly awkward or narrow at small home? Don’t worry. You can use the plane Roman columns. Attach them to the wall and paint a color that matches with your home style. The plane Roman columns won’t take up the house space. They also make the space full of European atmosphere.

small house decoration

Design strategies 2 – Ceiling Medallions

In the limited space, decorate your house along with the ceiling and wall. The ceiling medallion is the good choice to beautify your ceiling. It is plane but has beautiful patterns. It can increase the three-dimensional feeling. Combine with a lamp to make your ceiling more elegant. Moreover, you can show your creativity! Combine with the showerhead to create a special bathroom design. By the way, Goodware PU products are waterproof.

small house decoration

Design strategies 3 – PU onlay moldings

Besides the ceiling and wall, the furniture can also show a good decorative effect for small house decoration. Use Goodware PU onlay moldings to make your cabinet or sofa more elaborate. Even if each room has its own style, you can use the same onlay molding as a connection for each room.

small house decoration

In sum, Goodware PU products are suitable elements for small house decoration. They are lightweight, Eco-friendly, and easy to install. The feature of lightweight is convenient for changing the design. They are the delicate decorations for creating European style. We are looking forward to seeing your ingenuity!

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