This series of decorative wall panels use plasticity PU as it’s material, thus, it is more exquisite than another product line. The product line is very light and convenience when construction.
The hollow design makes the material previous to light; this is a key point for space design for the light application. This could create mist stunning effect for your space.
We name these series as Wind, Cloud, Thunder, Rain, Roots, propagate, Trend A, Trend B and advanced tropic amorous. Those combine the East and Modern to give the new meaning of western leisure time.
You could use the center only and add the frame (Single piece), or cut off the frame and put them together. This will make it continuous and you could have any size you want. You could also cut the single piece and use on a cabinet or main wall, and insert some light to create the mood.

The Design and Application of Decorative Wall Panels


Finish of H&K Goodware wall panels

If we already make the finish on the decorative wall panels, we will paint with transparent protection coating before sending out the product to prevent any unpredictable changes happened on the product. Especially for the product has an oil finish. Please do not stick or paste any other thing on it to prevent tear down the foil together with tape/sticker. (Many painters accidentally stick the paper tape on it) The product line mostly causes arguments because of its color to a person’s impressions is different. We recommend when to use this product line, make sure consult with a professional salesman or check small parts of the sample before start to use.

White   Wash White   Silver Foil   Gold Foil


The material of Decorative Wall Panels – PU (polyurethane)

The decorative wall panels are integrated. The installation just needs to use nailer and glue to secure it. The surface will be painted by some special coating when production.(but this coating will not be even,)Customer could ask us to paint any water/oil base painting after install.

Series of decorative wall panels

Wind – H&K Goodware Co. focus on designing the wall panels in “wind” shape. Actually, it just describe human feeling of the wind then we can say the wind series decorative wall panel looks like 

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WE-2501A Decorative wall panels   WE-2501B Polyurethane wall panel


Cloud – This series of the product include the traditional meaning of wealthy in China. Normally, in China, people prefer the cloud picture cause it represents the luck.

Polyurethane decorative wall dividers for rooms   Polyurethane living room decorative wall dividers
WE-2502A Wall dividers panel   WE-2502B Polyurethane wall panel


Application image of H&K Goodware wall panels

The Design and Application of Decorative Wall Panels

Thunder – This kind of design would make people fell more respective, cause the thunder in our nature often make us feel a little bit scared.

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WE-2503A Decorative wall panels   WE-2503B Polyurethane wall panel


Rain – We combine the rain with some of the cloud, which makes the rain more reality.

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WE-2504A Decorative wall panels   WE-2504B Polyurethane wall panel


Roots & Grows Continually – The inspiration of root comes from the plants, which means the plant has the most strong and powerful life.

Polyurethane decorative panel wall decor   Polyurethane panel wall art decor for interior
WE-2505 Interior wall panels   WE-2506 Wall decor panel


Fashion – We combine the plant’s design with the fashion elements in current age. It looks a little mix but full of artistic sense.

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WE-2507A Fashion wall panel   WE-2508A Polyurethane wall panel


Tropical regional customs – It uses the tropical plants to decorate the wall panels.

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WE-2509A Carved wall panels   WE-2509B Architectural  wall panel


Application image of H&K Goodware wall panels

The Design and Application of Decorative Wall Panels

The Design and Application of Decorative Wall Panels

Water-mark – This one let the audience fells like they have engaged into the underwater world. We use the soft curve to demonstrate the water for everyone.

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WE-2510A Decorative wall panels   WE-2510B Polyurethane wall panel

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