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The advantages of PU molding

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The advantages of PU molding

PU molding has many advantages compared with wood. Now Goodware tell the advantages of PU moldings from its material, characteristics, usages and other aspects.

The advantages of PU molding

A. PU molding is easy and well to be colored, can be painted a variety of colors, atex paint and oily paint in the surface, can maintain a long time after painting. Imitation stone, wood, and metal, vividly and beauty.

B. Lightweight, a main features of PU moldings products. Fire resistant, waterproof, impervious to moisture and insects, anti-cracking. Simple and convenient, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor decoration.

C. Can be nailed, can be sawing, planing, washable, flexible shape, no crack, no formaldehyde, can be used in indoor and outdoor.

The advantages of PU molding

D. Easy to be installed, clear and natural pattern, elegant and luxurious.

E. Convenient construction: Lightweight,can be pasted directly , save labor. And easy to process, can be sawing, planing. There is almost no waste in installation, economic and environmental protection.

F. Environmental protection: synthetic fiber is the raw materials, reducing the deforestation, and reach the national decorative engineering green product standards.

G. PU molding is fire resistance: the product through the national B2 standard fire detection , can be fully non-spontaneous combustion, non-combustion characteristics.

H. PU molding is waterproof: it doesn’t absorb water, no deformation, both mildew. Easy to clean, without fade.

I. PU molding is light weight, good hardness, with good flexibility and toughness. Not cracked, no deformation, and durable.

The advantages of PU molding

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