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Wall Decor Moulding-Mysterious Black Appliques & Onlays

Most of our products are initially presented in white, but under different design plans, different colors or colors are used to present the desired design effect. This place is a public space - reading room. We will show you our wall decor moulding - Mysterious Black Appliques & Onlays. H&K Goodware's appliques and onlays are decorated in [...]

What businesses does H&K Goodware engage in?

Goodware was founded in early 1987s for producing building green interior design material, started to produce PVC skirting board in 1987. After 30years of development has grown to become the pioneer in polyurethane (PU) building material industry in Taiwan. We do not only sell products, we also possess a complete team of research and development, production, business, [...]

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