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Hotel decor – Wall panels and Interior Design by H&K Goodware

There are places in the hotel where quality wall panels are not only functionally appropriate, but can be a focal point of an overall design. Any room can go from just another room to a stunningly beautiful showplace room just by the smart and creative use of interesting architectural details. Special additions like crown molding, ceiling [...]

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Different Wall Ideas for Home Decoration

There are a lot of ways to change the appearance of your home because let’s be real, after so long, you’ll find something that you do not like about how your home looks like or you might get bored of your existing design and decorations. Well, what can you do? You can do a lot actually, [...]

Different types of crown molding

There is a vast range with the crown molding styles that have been created over centuries and centuries of design evolution. The crown molding's designs range from different influences now—some from different influences of class and some due to the region from which they are brought. For example, the Japanese style truly embraces a much simpler [...]

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What is Crown Molding

Crown molding encapsulates a large family of moldings which are designed to gracefully flare out to a finished top edge. Crown molding is generally used for capping walls, pilasters, and cabinets, and is used extensively in the creation of interior and exterior cornice assemblies and door and window hoods. One of the easiest ways to truly [...]

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The Ceiling Cove Molding Message You Need to Know

Sometimes, it’s hard to make the ceiling cove molding matched the other molding in the room. But ceiling cove molding doesn't always have to match the other molding. In this room, the ceiling cove molding is painted white to match the walls, ceiling and baseboards, while the window and door moldings are painted gold. This combination makes the windows [...]

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H&K Goodware Products Line

About us European decoration materials and green technology surface decorations – The No. 1 Brand in Taiwan – “H&K” Accumulation of quarter-century competitive operation, we have never stopped. From research and innovation to product holistic. From polyurethane moldings to a diversity of surface decoration materials. The innovation of new products has always been a constant path [...]

What businesses does H&K Goodware engage in?

Goodware was founded in early 1987s for producing building green interior design material, started to produce PVC skirting board in 1987. After 30years of development has grown to become the pioneer in polyurethane (PU) building material industry in Taiwan. We do not only sell products, we also possess a complete team of research and development, production, business, [...]

How to install crown molding?

 Use molding to mark the position and size  If it is Cement wall, we suggest fix plywood first (the plywood thickness: thicker than 9mm). And then fix molding on the plywood. Mark the position and size on the wall Use tool to cut the angle and length you need, make sure you've cut longer than [...]

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