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Different Wall Ideas for Home Decoration

There are a lot of ways to change the appearance of your home because let’s be real, after so long, you’ll find something that you do not like about how your home looks like or you might get bored of your existing design and decorations. Well, what can you do? You can do a lot actually, [...]

The Critical Skills about Chair Rail and Panel Molding

The original purpose of chair rail was to protect walls from being damaged by chair backs. Today, this molding is a fast way to stylishly define a dining room, living room or entry hall, especially when used to separate wallpaper from paint, or between two different colors of paint. H&K Goodware Company will show you a plenty [...]

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H&K Goodware Products Line

About us European decoration materials and green technology surface decorations – The No. 1 Brand in Taiwan – “H&K” Accumulation of quarter-century competitive operation, we have never stopped. From research and innovation to product holistic. From polyurethane moldings to a diversity of surface decoration materials. The innovation of new products has always been a constant path [...]

Molding Types

Crown molding   Crown molding is the most popular one among molding types. Generally ,crown  refers to the types of single-piece moldings that are installed on the angle to their adjoining surface. Crown moldings have a profiles that project out on the ceiling and down on the wall and gives a rich appearance to a room. As [...]

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