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Appliques & Onlays Design services

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Customized Ornamental mouldings Design Service

Nowadays, more elements of interior decoration elements, designers must be stunts in order to meet the needs of owners, H&K Goodware to provide this service is to work for the designer and the owner of the time interaction. Whether it is light decoration of the neo-classical style to the taste of the European style, and even [...]

European interior decorating materials of H&K Goodware

Europe is a wealthy and diverse flock of design customs, some of which date back a few centuries. Other trends, on the other hand, were forged by Europe’s progress, and the response to the diversity in its inhabitants, demographics, wealth and resources. The applique crafts elegant curves combined with florals in painstaking details. This applique can [...]

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Wall Decor Moulding-Mysterious Black Appliques & Onlays

Most of our products are initially presented in white, but under different design plans, different colors or colors are used to present the desired design effect. This place is a public space - reading room. We will show you our wall decor moulding - Mysterious Black Appliques & Onlays. H&K Goodware's appliques and onlays are decorated in [...]

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