The Sun of America


Eternity Sun × Culture
Culture inherited the eternity of the knowledge. We should recognize and spread truth, good and beauty. Let good deeds last forever is our responsibility. Together, we hold hands and hands, beginning of a new era under the Sun.


Red Earth × Fertile
Rich and Fertile is the symbol of a prosperous market.Practice what you preach with hard working and cultivation to give the earth the new element to growth on mother earth. Let the Rich and Fertile market become more glory and shining.


Nature enthusiasm × Wisdom
Wisdom is the grindstone to stimulate team work.To evoke the beautiful spark and let the trusted friendship build up the ground of mutually respect and love to each other. Build and start a diverse new union.


The origin of Life × Motive
Motive is the energy of start a new life, we stick to the honest thoughts and dependable practice to enter this new mainland. To union with each other and create the beautiful new life.