As the population density increases and the economic structure changes, the number of purchasing small house increases year by year. Under the condition of living in a small house, can we only choose the simple style? Don’t worry. Goodware is going to show the small living room décor. Let’s see five magic shows from small to big.

Show 1 – Visual change of line

Reduce the height of furniture, use the low sofa bed and low table. Match with the full-length windows or bookshelves. When you sit down, you will feel that space is getting bigger.

small living room décor

In addition, you can install the PU moldings for small living room décor. Add the PU crown moldings to cover the junction of ceiling and wall. They can create a multilevel feeling. Moreover, add the high PU baseboard or wide PU skirting board to make your living room bigger. Give you the visual effect of enlarged space.

small living room décor

Show 2 – Open space design

The open space design is good for most of the small living room décor. The open space design will make your home look more spacious. When you step into your home, you can see the living room, kitchen, and dining room. Besides, you can also consider the multifunctional living room. For example, the dining room can also be the study area.

small living room décor

Show 3 – Along both sides

You can place the furniture on both sides of the wall, keep the middle walkway clean. This method will create a tidy and neat living room. The TV wall can be a hidden cabinet. Furthermore, you can also use the open cabinet to replace the heavy cabinet. It will make your living room lighter and cozier.

small living room décor

Show 4 – Window seat

Are you are a sociable person? If you like to invite your friends to your home, you need to have a window seat! It can be a seat or a sleeper. Under the window seat can combine with storage function. It is a good design for small living room décor.

small living room décor

Show 5 – Lively wall and cabinet

Use the onlay moldings to decorate your wall or cabinet. They can increase the multilevel feeling of your home. Combine the patterns that you like to make your wall or cabinet livelier.

small living room décor

In conclusion, these are the five magic shows for small living room décor. Make good use of these tips, you don’t have to spend a lot of money but have a large living room décor effect. Come to check Goodware PU products and create a magic show!

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