Do you have a wood burning fireplace? This fireplace unites the heart of the family and brings warmth to everyone in the cold winter. It is an important home décor. However, do you know how to clean your fireplace? Goodware is going to tell you the correct fireplace cleaning steps. Let’s learn about the following steps for extending the lifespan of the fireplace.

Warm up

Before learning the fireplace cleaning steps, you should check the ash first. In general, when the ash exceeds 2cm, it needs to be cleaned. In the fireplace, it is necessary to maintain the ash for 1~2cm, it can be used to reduce the burning speed. Moreover, this layer of ash can be the insulation layer. It can protect the bottom of the fireplace.

Fireplace cleaning

Fireplace cleaning steps

  1. Wait for cooling. Calculate at least two hours after extinguishing the fire.
  2. Use a cloth or cardboard to sweep put the ash.
  3. Remove the rust inside the fireplace. Use common rust removers available on the market.
  • Use a soft brush or a soft cloth dipped in clean water to clean the interior, otherwise, it will leave the scratches in the fireplace, affecting the lifespan. If there is scratch, the flammable solvents will residue in it.
  • It is not recommended to use a commercially available cleaner to wipe the fireplace, it may damage the metal surface.
  • Fireplace door: If it is made of heat resistant glass, you can use newspapers dipped in clean water to clean.
  1. Check the temperature of ash. If the ash is still warm, make sure there is no blanket or flammable material on the ground when sweeping out.
  • If there is a spark in the ash after extinguishing, it will burn up when it encounters flammable objects.

Fireplace cleaning

These are the fireplace cleaning steps that can simplify your house chore. You can also have a decorative fireplace which you don’t need to clean it. Goodware has many different PU decorative fireplace. In addition, PU fireplace can be used for TV wall decor, even combine with other building materials. Let’s create a beautiful home!

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