PU molding cracking is a common problem in house decoration. Although the PU moldings were installed on the high ceilings, they were still cracked. Do you know how to do the PU mold repair? Don’t worry. Goodware is going to reveal 30 years’ experience! Our Pro carpenter will teach you the PU mold repair tips. Let’s understand the cracking areas and reasons first.

Cracking areas

  1. The junction between two PU moldingsPU mold repair
  2. The junction between PU molding and wall

PU mold repair

Cracking reasons

  1. Blemishes

When you receive the PU moldings, you should check the products first. Make sure they are straight and no blemishes.

  1. Density

Goodware strictly controls at every stage of the PU molding production. The density of PU moldings in the general market is 150 to 180 kg / m3. However, the density of Goodware PU moldings is 240 kg/m3 (±5%). Therefore, you should choose good quality and high-density products before decorating.

PU mold repair

  1. Wrong construction method

If you don’t spread the glue exactly, it will cause severe cracking problems. Therefore, you should use the nail free glue or white glue exactly on the junction of two PU moldings. After connecting two PU moldings, use the silicone to fill the gap.

  1. Uneven wall

If the wall is uneven, it will cause a gap between the PU molding and wall. Before construction, you can fix a board on the wall to make it flat. Moreover, if your house is an old house, you should make sure the angle of the wall and ceiling is 90°.

  1. Wrong filler

The putty material will become powdering due to a long time, it is necessary to use water-based silicone as the gap filler.

PU mold repair

PU mold repair tips

  1. Clean the cracked gapPU mold repair
  2. Fill the AB glue in the gapPU mold repair
  3. After the AB glue drying, it will cause some dents on the surface. You should use the silicone to fill the dents.PU mold repair
  4. Choose a suitable color to paint and protect the PU moldings.PU mold repair

As a result, these are the PU mold repair tips that can solve your problem. After learning these PU mold repair tips, you can boldly use the PU moldings for home décor. Create an amazing European style home!

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