How much information is there about the diameters and dimensions of PU Roman column? We’ll see the Roman Columns in many of the classic European living rooms. In order to avoid taking up too much space, you might think that the fewer columns you have in your home, the better. Maybe, the best way is hiding them. Otherwise, the space should be big enough so that we can place the Roman column. However, the Roman column is an element in European design. 

Are we really need big space to install Roman column in your living room. Actually not, as long as we choose the right diameter and dimension of PU Roman column, we can decorate the whole interior with it, showing the temperament of European style and the atmosphere of European low-key luxury. 

On the market, the PU Roman column has a lot of diameters and dimensions with no fixed size basis,which can cause the trouble for owner. So they have no idea to purchase the PU Roman column with the right diameter and dimension. In fact, there are only six PU Roman Columns are often used in the living room decoration. 

1.Six diameter dimensions of PU Roman column 

The diameter dimensions of PU Roman column refers to the diameter of cylinder column. The diameter is 120/150/180/200/240/300mm, respectively. The height of the column body is mostly about 2400mm, which can be cut and adjusted. It is recommended that the optimal ratio of diameter to height is 1 : 10 or 1 : 12. 

The use of cylindrical – disconnects two Spaces 

 PU Roman column   

The use of half cylindrical – wall decoration 

 PU Roman column

Attention please 

Choosing the right size of PU Roman column will make the living room larger. In contrast, choosing the wrong size will make it more crowded. 

At the beginning, we set the height of the space to be 2400MM. If the width of PU Roman column is 380MM, the space effect will be slightly crowded. Meanwhile, the space effect is moderate while the column width is 300MM. If you want to use a Roman column less than 200MM wide, you can place two sets on one side. It is not visually as crowded as when a single column width is 300MM. Moreover, single small column applies to the main metope adornment of TV that the integral effect is very good. 

PU Roman column

2.Function of PU Roman column in interior decoration 

The Goodware PU Roman column is made of interior decoration material, which cannot be loaded functionally. It’s main function is to beautify interior space. Besides, the material that can load more on the market needs to be stone material or cement. 

It is time to consider using Goodware PU Roman column when there are beams and columns which cannot be knocked off in the original space, . If you only need to wrap the cylinder or modify the right angle of the old column, you just need to choose the PU Roman column which inner diameter is larger than the old circular column. If the old column is square, the required size is the diagonal dimension of square column. Do not measure the face width of the old square column, because you will choose PU Roman column with small size. Meanwhile, the chance of being unwrapped is very high. 

PU Roman column

The reason of Goodware company developed PU Roman column is that the Roman column on the market is made of FRP, which makes the decorator extremely inconvenient in the installation process. The PU Roman column is divided into three parts of stigma, scape, and the base, which can match any variety of styles according to customers’ preferences. We can directly use hand saw or electric saw to cut it in the installation process, which is simple, convenient and easy to constructe. To sum up, you can easily decorate european-style PU Roman column in your european-style living room. 

 PU Roman column

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