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Does the Pu line release formaldehyde? Does it affect the people?

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Does the Pu line release formaldehyde? Does it affect the people?

In a newly renovated house, people often smell some odors, that’s because architectural paints and furniture may contain some formaldehyde. So, as a new type of decorative material-Pu molding will release formaldehyde? What materials in our home release formaldehyde? What kind of methods can remove formaldehyde after decoration? These are the issues that people worried about. Let’s look at them together.

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with a strong pungent odor. People inhaling high concentrations of formaldehyde may cause severe respiratory irritation and edema, headache, eye irritation or bronchial asthma. Formaldehyde is easily soluble in water and is usually presented in the form of an aqueous solution. It is extremely volatile and therefore easily smells and harmful to health.


In the newly decorated house, there is an amazing amount of formaldehyde material released. Generally, formaldehyde can be found in the following areas:

  • Furniture
  • wall
  • carpet
  • floor
  • Decorative materials


Do you know which materials will release formaldehyde?

First, indoor formaldehyde is mainly derived from the use of various man-made boards, including artificial boards such as plywood, blockboard, medium density fiberboard and chipboard used for interior decoration, furniture made of man-made boards, artificial board flooring and solid wood flooring.

Second, there are other types of decorative materials that contain formaldehyde and may be distributed to the outside world, such as curtains, wall coverings, wallpapers, chemical fiber carpets, and foam plastics.

Third, various coatings, including solvent-based coatings (ie, paints) and water-based coatings (commonly known as coatings),etc.

Many people will ask, after the renovation, what can we do to remove formaldehyde from our home?

The main method is opening the windows to let the air circulate and remove the formaldehyde out. In addition, there are many ways to remove formaldehyde:

  1. Add some vinegar to several pots and put themin well-ventilated rooms. Then open the doorsand all the windows in each room. Evaporation of water can protect the paint on the walls, and evaporated vinegar can absorb residual formaldehyde.
  2. If possible, buy some pineapplesor crude fiber fruits, put them in therooms. because the coarse fiber fruits are not only absorb the odor, also can provide a refreshing scent, accelerate the removal of irritating odors.
  3. Select some advanced deodorant cleaners to eliminate the pungent odors in newly renovated rooms. In addition, put some orange peel and lemon peel in the room.
  4. Putsome plants in the room, they arevery helpful for air purification. The hanging plants are very beautiful, low cost, and have special effects on the absorption of toxic gases. Other plants, such as aloe vera and cactus, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day and night. Even if we plant them in rooms without toxic smells, they are also very good for people’s health.

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Some people will ask, PU molding is widely used as a new home decorative material, does it release formaldehyde? Does it affect people?

PU molding is polyurethane molding. Before long, the emergence of polyurethane foam, thermoplastics, elastomers and synthetic leather products, like insoles, PU track, car seats, steering wheel, etc., are often seen in our lives. PU foam products are used in many places. Polyurethanes are mainly composed of polyether polyols and iso-hydrogen esters. Do not contain formaldehyde. No dripping or toxic smoke after burning, it is an environmentally friendly insulation material.

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