The pu decorative meterials can meet your multiple needs for a house, such as beauty, personality and cleanliness. What’s more, we can make a beautiful renovation of an old house that we have lived in for years with a limited budget, or customize a children’s room for our children.Why can PU adornment building materials achieve this? Let’s go into more detail as follows. 

1.The function of waterproof  

The pu decorative meterials has good water-proofing capacity. It can slide down, air dry naturally and leave no water stains on the surface of building materials. Moreover, it doesn’t grow mildew, which can be safely applied to bathrooms or pools with high humidity. 

 pu decorative meterials

2.The function of  antifouling 

The pu decorative meterials have smooth surface and it is not easy to obsorb dust. What’s more, It produces no dust during use. Therefore, they can be restored to its original appearance as long as with a wet rag even if the sauce, milk and other things was pouring on it. 

 pu decorative meterials

3.The function of simulation 

The pu decorative meterials is an organic polymer compound, which can be easily painted its surface to meet the needs of designers and owners for various styles and colors. These needs include pure white, washed white, imitation stone, imitation jade, imitation wood, imitation bronze, etc. In addition, the pu decorative meterials can be painted on the surface with gold drawing, gold and silver foil for some special design requirements. 

 pu decorative meterials

4.Modular production design 

Goodware started to adopt the concept of modular design 15 years ago in Taiwan. It now has more than 3,000 sets molds. Therefore, Stylists and owners can match them at will to create beautiful shapes or patterns, which fully satisfy the demand of each kind of scene and style. Finally, the householders can enjoy the free creativity on the space adequately. If you don’t have the assistance of the designer, you can directly choose several modules from the thousand pre-designed modules of Goodware, which can be used to save money and energy. 

 pu decorative meterials

5.Perfect appearance on the wall 

The pu decorative meterials is good for wall appearance. After installation, the pu decorative meterials and walls look like a entirety that doesn’t have any feeling of inconsistency because of the planable and abrasive feature. 

 pu decorative meterials

 Is that beautiful when you decorate your house with pu decorative meterials? It’s time for you to take action. Clicking here will give you more information.