PU Decorative Material-We always tend to decorate our own houses in a matchable pattern or style . But it’s quite difficult to truly realize this . Geneally, it is easier to get a satisfied aesthetic decorative outcomes in our bedrooms & living rooms in comparison with kitchen or bathroom. In traditional way ,the kitchen & bathroom can only be practical or uniformity design for heavy water or oil clean. So I was wondering there is any way to improve this situation ?And now I have got an answer, that is PU!

PU decorative material

What is PU Decorative Material?

Certainly, you may wonder: What is PU Decorative Material? And what particular advantages does it have? Actually, it is just a new type of high-molecular compound. And because of its ability of water resistance, mildew proof , and dustproof, it can be installed at those places(such as bathroom and swimming pool) and no matter how humid it is ! Moreover ,you could even wash it with water directly as you wish! As a result, why it is so suitable for decorating our houses? I will get you understood from 3 aspects.
PU decorative material

PU Decorative Material Properties

PU is the abbreviation of Polyurethane, which is a new type of upmarket decorative material. It is formed by reacting a polyhydroxy compound with a diisocyanate or a polyisocyanate in the presence of suitable catalysts and additives with molding and painting. PU decorative material become known as “the fifth largest plastic” which itself has no hydrophilicity.

Surface Painting of PU Decorative Material

Before leaving the factory, the PU products of Taiwan Goodware HK Group will be sprayed with several layers of protective paint on the surface, including the primer paint, color paint, texture paint and anti-wear paint. Without hydrophilicity, these oil paint will naturally slip or air-dry after being wet. Therefore , the water will not enter the interior of the PU decorative material, let alone affect its quality.
PU decorative material

Extremely-Closed to Contact Surface

The smoothness of PU decorative material is very good. Because it is well-fitted with the wall surface so that the water drops cannot enter the interior of the PU decorative materials, let alone cause damage to the wall surface.
In conclusion, PU decorative material neither expand by absorbing water just like a MDF or EPS decorative material which will grow moss after long-term use. And unlike the gypsum building materials, it will not crack and deform in a humid environment.
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With all of this in mind, we come to know that there are so many choices among decorative materials instead of only the ceramic tiles. Therefore, By PU decorative material, any creative and original ideas could be put into effect to realize our ideal style of home decoration.