The decoration of the ceiling in the house is so important that you can see the ceiling at the first glace when you enter the house. Moreover, you still can’t ignore the ceiling when you are sitting and lying. Therefore, if the ceilings are bland, which are easily causing aesthetic fatigue and affecting the feeling of the entire space. So a beautiful and comfortable house can’t be without an attractive ceiling. I would love to recommend you to build a 3D crown ceiling that looks very calm and luxurious, making your home more classy. The follow is the Steps for pu ceiling designs — 3D crown ceiling. 

3D crown ceiling is one of the most popular solutions of pu ceiling designs for designers. Next, we will use examples to understand how to make the ceiling appear stereoscopic.

1.ceiling dome

In the order of center of the room to expand around, the center of the ceiling used art chandelier and the matching ceiling dome as decoration. Generally, the design of the art chandelier and the ceiling dome is very important because it is the focus of the entire room.

pu ceiling designs   

The above picture shows the pu ceiling designs of a large concave ceiling dome. The surrounding decorated with ceiling arc frames which matched with the art chandelier and the hidden light. The ceiling of the whole hall is included, and the layering is particularly obvious.

2.pu molding

In fact, the pu moldings are not only used in the corner of the ceiling, but directly arranged on the center of ceiling, which can create the three-dimensional sense of the ceiling.

pu ceiling designs


In the above picture, the overall shape and structure of the ceiling is outlined by plain crown molding with a simple chandelier. Meanwhile, the exterior matched with the design of hiding ceiling domes, which increases the layering of the ceiling. Furthermore, the decoration of the small-sized down light makes the ceiling simple and generous to avoid being too dull. The style of the whole room is more classical and serious.

3.Three-dimensional crown ceiling  

The interior roof of ceiling had paintings or carvings. There is a new type of product which called “stereo ceiling”. It looks like a embossment, and it has its own perimeter molding. The three-dimensional crown ceiling can install directly into the reserved ceiling skeleton during construction.

pu ceiling designs


The square embossed panels used in this picture are 3D crown ceiling. The color of the gold tracking coupled with the concave effect of the three-dimensional crown ceiling, the stereoscopic effect of the entire ceiling is very obvious. The moldings and decorative onlays on the outer edge enrich the level of the ceiling.

4.Comprehensive application of decorative products

It is not enough to completely shape the 3D of the ceiling by using one decorative product. The combination of various decorative products produces better and more beautiful three-dimensional decorative effect.

pu ceiling designs


The moldings above have many layers which include plain molding and carved molding. At the same time, the pu ceiling designs also have decorative corner molding and decorative onlays. So the corner of the ceiling enhances the artistic level while enhancing the three-dimensional level.

At last, do you understand how to make the three-dimensional crown ceiling? The simplest one should be the three-dimensional ceiling scheme, because it requires no design and is easy to construct. But if you want to enhance the ceiling stereo effect, you still need more creativity from the designer. MORE INFORMATION WILL BE HERE.