The common building materials in our life include background wall, ceiling domes, rossetes, decorative corbel, plain casing, mirror frame, door trims and so on. These adornment building materials of various forms can be made with PU building materials, where market share in European and American markets is as high as 70% above, the Taiwan market share even is as high as 80%. How amazing it is. 

Why are PU building materials so popular and superb? There are some reasons as follows. First of all, the main components of PU building materials is polyurethane, which is characterized by insect resistance, waterproof, mildew resistance, crack resistance and so on. Secondly, it contains good flexibility and toughness, so the product’s modelling is rich, the grain of surface design is clear, exquisite, which have stereo feeling.It’s very lightweight, so it’s easy to install during construction.It is also not restricted by usage scenarios. Both indoor and outdoor, even the bathroom and swimming pool where are very soggy, can be used with confidence. 

Next is the place where used the PU building materials. 

The living rooms 

The PU building materials: Goodware PU molding, decorative onlays, mirror frames, ceiling domes, doors trims, windows trims, etc. 

 PU building materials 

The villa

The polyurethane building materials: Goodware PU molding, wall onlays, beam bracket, ceiling domes, door trims, window trims, Roman column, etc. 

 PU building materials

The museum

The poly building materials: Goodware PU molding, ancient art molding, wall onlays, flat lamp holder, decorative corbel, etc. 


PU building materials
PU building materials

The coffee shop

The polyurethane building materials: Goodware PU molding 

PU building materials

The club

The PU building materials: Goodware PU molding 

  PU building materials

 Dessert shop

The polyurethane building materials: Goodware PU molding, wall onlays, decorative corbel, ceiling domes, window trim, columns, etc. 

 PU building materials

Hair salon

The PU building materials: Goodware PU molding, wall onlays, mirror frame, Roman column, etc. 


The hotel

The PU building materials: Goodware PU molding, elegant corner frames, wall onlays, Roman column, ceiling domes, etc. 

 PU building materials

The inn 

The polyurethane building materials: Goodware PU molding, antique molding, faux stone panels, niches, Roman Columns, etc. 

PU building materials


The hotel restaurant

The PU building materials: Goodware PU molding, etc. 


How’s that? Did you see your eyes dazzled?  

The PU building materials is very helpful for the house owners and designers to achieve the effect they expect. Because it has very strong coloring characteristics, and they never pick the scene and style, which let us play our creativity and imagination. Whether indoor or outdoor, we can use it without mind due to it is waterproof. The most important thing is that the Goodware began experimenting with modular designs 15 years ago, allowing designers to pick and choose the styles they want. Please contact us to get the design drawings. 

 Do you like the PU building materials? Maybe it’s time to use them to decorate your room now. And more informantion will be here.