Do you have a dull ceiling? Do you want to make a change to let your ceiling more elegant? You are in the right place! Let’s propose to your ceiling. Give a beautiful PU ceiling ring to it! Goodware is going to introduce the decorations of PU ceiling ring. It can let your ceiling become an attention-grabber.

ceiling ring


PU ceiling ring is lightweight, Eco-friendly, and non-toxic. It can be bent or shaped to fit the curves, arches, or any circular area. Moreover, it won’t crack, chip or rot easily. It is easy to install just like wood material. You can save the construction time and labor cost. After introducing the features, let’s see the décor effects of it.


  • Gorgeous style

If you like the gorgeous style, you can choose the carved PU ceiling ring. There are many patterns that you can make different combinations, such as the egg dart and acanthus patterns. The carved PU ceiling ring can be alternated with plain PU ceiling ring. This design is not over-decorated.

ceiling ring

  • Simple style

If you like simple style, you can use the plain PU ceiling ring. Then, paint a single color on it. Create a monochrome style. It is simple but not dull.

ceiling ring

If you have a ceiling dome, you can use the PU ceiling ring to decorate the curve. They can show the high ceiling effect. Add a crystal chandeliers to create an elegant feeling.

ceiling ring

The PU ceiling ring can also combine with ceiling medallion. It can expand the decoration around ceiling medallion. Your ceiling will not be too dull.

ceiling ring

  • Golden age

You can paint the color you like on the PU ceiling ring directly. The gold color can show the noble and royal atmosphere. Match with the copper décor can create the vintage feeling.

ceiling ring

In sum, these are the decorations that you can apply to your ceiling. Goodware has many types of PU products that you can choose. Show your creativity to make a new design. Your friends and family will be stunned by the decoration of your home ceiling.

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