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Reminder when construction the product line of artistic gold painted molding

  • The tape could not stay on the product more than 3 days, it will melt the surface of the product.
  • Must glue on the joint part, and stapler on the part you glue the white glue. We will offer you golden painting and white painting.
  • The product is illustrator with handmade, so as you see some lighter or darker, they are normal.
  • The product is illustrator with handmade, so every different batch/order, the color will be different, please order in once.
  • The manufacture will be different because of the order qty, please consult with us when you place order.
  • Before fix the product on the wall or any cabinet, please make sure there is no other problem.  If fix directly without investigate, any responsibility should take by the workers.
  • If the product break because of the workers do not follow the construction reminder/manual, or break for uncertain cause, H&K have rights do not take the lost of these reasons. 

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