Hand Painted

Gold Painted    Silver Painted    Colored    Gentle Colored     Rich Colored    


Brass   Antique Silver   Gilver   Bronze   Bronze Green    Wash White   Bone China 


Faux Wood

Teak   Mahogany   Walnut            

Faux Stone

Marble (Classic Grey)   Marble (White)   Marble (Vellum)   Marble (Agant Red)   Balsam Green    Ivory


If we already make finish on the product, we will paint with transparent protection coating before send out the product to prevent any unpredictable changes happened on the product. Especially for the product has foil finish. Please do not stick or paste any other thing on it to prevent tear down the foil together with tape/sticker. (many painter accidentally stick the paper tape on it) The product line mostly cause arguments because of its color to a person’s impressions is different. We recommend when use this product line, make sure consult with professional salesman or check a small parts of sample before start to use.

finishing of polyurethane crown molding


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