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Tuscany warm sunny day – Italian rural and French molding styles

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Project Description


Design Company: RIS INTERIOR
Planning budget: US$326,800
House size: 1886 square feet / 3beds, 2baths, 1living room
Design style: Italian rural and French molding styles
House conditions: Unfinished apartment
Building materials: Goodware PU moldings, onlay moldings, classical frame, marble, tiles.


Speaking of Tuscany, What do you think about? Are the yellow and orange colors coming up in your mind? From the bright golden sunshine to the warm mustard yellow. It is great to walk under the blue sky.

Taiwan RIS INTERIOR creates a new chapter for a retired husband and wife. Because of the designers’ delicate design techniques and Goodware PU moldings, create an elegant French molding and Tuscan styles’ home. It looks like the painter’s canvas, there are many details that we can find out. Let us start this trip, walk under the Tuscany warm sunny day!

French molding

  1. Living room

Entering the entrance, the warm Tuscany color and antique white show up! The living room presents the Italian elegance and romance. Use the Ivory white frames on the corridor, the door, and the storage cabinet. These are matching with the terra cotta color walls. The living room is full of rural feeling. The floral curtain creates a comfortable and harmonious morning atmosphere.

French molding French molding

The living room has the classical space structure of French molding style. Use the PU moldings and onlays to decorate the sofa wall. The geometric lines and ceiling medallions compose the patterns on the ceiling. They are full of modern aesthetics and ingenuity. The moldings, onlays, and corbels become a decorative fireplace which is TV wall. These elements provide a classic background color for contemporary furnishings. In addition, the height of the ceiling is low, the designers don’t use the chair rail in the living room. The designers use the tall baseboard to change the vision.

French molding

  1. Kitchen

Standing in the living room will be able to see the open dining space. The six seats wooden dining table and chairs have soft feeling. It creates the warm dining moments. The table and chairs have the classical carved patterns on them. They are matching with the retro candlestick and clock. Show the charming French molding style. The colors of the beige and blue make some flows and changes in the warm tone of Tuscany.

French molding

In order to avoid the smell going into other rooms when the owners are cooking, set up a transparent sliding door in the kitchen. The classical white cabinets are naturally joined to the white moldings. The clay color of the wall matches with the white marble countertop. It is a typical Italian kitchen. Add the chic taste in the rural style.

French molding

  1. Master room

Besides the warm Tuscany tones, each room has a different color. The color depends on the owner of the room. The master room is similar with public space, such as PU crown molding and wall panel. Designers have added a traditional Tuscany color – light green on the wall. The floral curtains are corresponding to the light green color. Make the fresh feeling.

French molding

Behind the bed, use the lines to modify the presence of a door. However, when you open this door, you will see a different style. Three elements of black and white, marble, and transparent create a modern bathroom. You will feel like the house hides another character. The waterproof feature of PU molding can match the French molding style of the master room.

French molding

  1. Second bedroom

This bedroom is painted in stone grey, completely different from the warm main tone. Show the young and modern style. Response the room owner’s cool character. Glossy furniture and mirror material create the Art Deco style. But the walls and ceilings are still decorated with lines for linking with the main French molding style.

French molding

The last bedroom is rural style. Add more retro elements, such as the typewriter and accessories. This room is full of retro feeling.

French molding French molding

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation

RIS INTERIOR likes the planning of the line. Goodware has good service and quick delivery speed. If there is a case which needs to use the PU moldings, we will accord to the actual situation and use the onlay moldings and PU moldings. We will search many documents to read.

French molding

  1. Self-evaluation

The product quality is important for Goodware. The interaction with customers is also important. We are glad to serve the RIS INTERIOR. When we see our products can create a beautiful French molding style home, we feel very satisfied. We also believe that every case is worthy, and we will get the good feedback. Besides, RIS INTERIOR are challenging themselves. They submit the cases on the overseas interior design websites. Therefore, the cases can be found on the abroad websites. Also increase the Goodware products’ exposure rate!

French molding

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