Project Description

Design Company: RIS INTERIOR
Planning budget: US$53,000
Space: 1bed, 1bath, 1living room, 1 dressing room
Design style: French moulding style
House conditions: New house
Building materials: Goodware PU plain moldings, corner moldings, baseboard, blinds


“Boudoir” meant French lady’s room in 18th-century, or called “Lady’s private room.” It will make people want to get a glimpse into the lady’s private room. The RIS designers use Goodware’s elegant PU moldings to create the French upper-class women living space. Bright space colors show a sunny French moulding style home.

The owner has a rational appearance but romantic inner. Designers consider the preferences and character of the owner and space size. They choose the French moulding style to decorate this small apartment. Let’s explore it.

French moulding

  1. Living room

Go into the living room, the whole body will be bathed in sunlight, plenty of sunlight comes from the window and light every corner in living room. You will feel full of energy in this French moulding style apartment. The designers use Goodware PU plain moldings to decorate the wall. The wall match with the blinds’ frame. The baseboard of wall aligns the baseboard of blinds. Create a good visual extension. Silently enlarge this small space in your mind.

French moulding

Use the low saturation mild color and gentle light blue. The mild beige color makes people feel relaxed but not drab as white color. The TV wall is the gentle light blue color. It not only enlarge the space but also relieve the stress. The jump color design instantly brings out the owner’s personality. Correspond with a blue sofa. Moreover, the PU moldings on the TV cabinets form into the geometric shapes. The radial and repetitive design principles make people focus and point out the theme of space.

French moulding

  1. Kitchen

In order to meet the needs of the owner, the original L-shaped kitchen changes to I-shaped. And make an open kitchen. Let the small French moulding style apartment can accommodate a kitchen island. Create the ideal cooking time for the owner.

French moulding

From the entrance, living room to the kitchen, the open space is not separated by the dividers. Use the material, color, and PU molding to do the separation and create the independence of each room.

French moulding French moulding
  1. Bedroom

The bedroom has the same color system with the living room, beige wall and light blue sheets. The lotus purple headboard of the bed and the different texture fabrics present a calm sleeping space.

French moulding

Use the PU moldings to form the structure lines. The PU moldings become the wall panels. They can be the hidden door of cabinets, locker rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Make the room seem to have a complete uninterrupted wall. Bring visual integration. The back wall of the headboard is trimmed into a rectangular repeating pattern with corner moldings.

French moulding

In this French moulding style boudoir, you can feel the warm sunlight and fragrance. Enjoy the life and elegant PU molding decoration.

French moulding

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation – RIS INTERIOR

We have long-term cooperation with Goodware. We like to use the PU moldings for decoration. You can see this point in our projects. Because the PU moldings can adjust the ratio and cover the disadvantages of the space. It also can combine the space and furniture. Besides, Goodware has great service and quality of products. So we are all used to asking Goodware.

French moulding

  1. Self-evaluation

The designers of this case have their own thought and style. They are good at using PU moldings. We provide more cordial service for the professional designers. And strict control the shipping time and products quality. In addition, maintain the good interaction with the designer, so that designers can feel trust and peace.

French moulding

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