Project Description


Design Company: STOP studio
Designer: LIN, JHIH-YUE
Planning budget: US$33,000
Space: 1,067.5 ft²
Design style: Simple modern style
House conditions: Old house renovation
Building materials: PU moldings


In many simple modern style houses, you can find out the tidy and neat atmosphere, such as the “Bauhaus” simple style and “Less is more” Nordic style. A common ground between these styles is “simple” but not dull. Let’s see how to use the PU moldings to create the simple modern style home décor.

Simple modern style

PU plain moldings

Goodware has many types of PU moldings, such as the carved and plain moldings. The house owner discusses with the designer that he wants a cozy and elegant home. Therefore, the designer uses the plain moldings to create the simple modern style home.

Simple modern style

When you open the wooden door, you can see the blinds cabinet door and ceiling design. Use the PU plain moldings to beautify the junction between ceiling and wall. Create the multilevel feeling.

Simple modern style


As the features of American simple modern style, this style is giving a sense of symmetry and comfortable visual balance. Choose the industrial style iron shelves to show the off tone color design. But these colors are harmonious. It is an important point for simple modern style décor.

Simple modern style

In the room, you can see the PU plain moldings become the baseboard and skirting board. The PU plain moldings also can form a frame on the wall. Make the wall lively.

Simple modern style

Light projection

Besides the decorations, the lighting system is also a key point for creating an elegant atmosphere. Embed the lamp on the ceiling board. Through the projective light to create a cozy room. Because of the projective light, increase the multilevel feeling of PU moldings.

Simple modern style

House overview

Through the PU plain moldings, lighting projection, and French windows to adjust the visual sight. Then, match with the simple furniture to create the modern style. These are the important elements to create the simple modern style. Goodware has different types of PU products that you can match. Come to check out our website!

Simple modern style

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation

Some materials suppliers only care about the shipping confirmation. Goodware is a great supplier for doing the after-sales service. Goodware has many types of PU products. It also can develop the module design. I will definitely cooperate with Goodware again.

Simple modern style

  1. Self-evaluation

When we know the designer wants to use the PU plain moldings and the limited budget of the house owner, we provide some PU products which match the conditions. Finally, the house owner and designer accept to use the PU plain moldings. This is their first time to use the PU plain moldings. Goodware all wants to give the most practical and appropriate assistance for each customer!

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