Project Description


Design Company: Soft space studio
Planning budget: US$100,000
Space: 1,992 ft²
Design style: Slight classical American molding design
House conditions: New house
Building materials: PU moldings, flexible moldings, onlay moldings, fireplace, and crystal lighting.


Speaking of the American molding design, you may think about the industrial style or rural style. In fact, the changes of style come from the lifestyle of the residents.

molding design

In the beginning, the house owner likes the American simple molding design. The designer suggests to mix and match some slight classical elements. After several discussions, use the simple beauty PU plain moldings to decorate the house. Moreover, add some slight classical lightings and decorations. Unexpectedly, the whole house becomes brighter and increases the 3D sense. Now, follow Goodware to visit this amazing house.

molding design

Space colors

Use the light colors to decorate the overall space. The ground tiles are stone texture. Through the reflection of light, achieve a wider visual effect of the space. Besides, mix and match of PU moldings and lightings show the elegant American molding design home.

Featured design – 3 usages of decorative PU moldings

  1. Geometric design

At the entrance, use the flexible moldings to create the geometric patterns on the cabinets. You can feel the lively atmosphere when you step into the entrance. The circular ceiling design focuses the lights of crystal lighting. Make the house brighter.

molding design

  1. Square design

Use the PU plain moldings to create the neat square frames on the wall panels and baseboards. The PU plain moldings can also decorate the ceiling. The embedded lamps and crystal lamp soften the lighting of space.

molding design

In addition, the corner moldings match with the slight light of crystal lamp increase the classical atmosphere.

molding design

  1. Stack design

Add a decorative fireplace in the living room can beautify the space. Stack the PU moldings above the fireplace. It can be a display platform. Besides, use the onlay moldings to embellish the fireplace. Bring out the 3D sense in whole white space. Even though it is an American molding design home, you also can use some European decorations!

molding design

Featured design – American molding design

The first feature of American molding design is that you can combine with other styles. You can see the feature in this project. The simple style space combines the classical PU moldings. Maintain the simple beauty and enhance the classical elegance.

molding design

The second feature, use the similar materials and colors to connect with each room, such as the same color door frame designs of kids and parents’ room. Even if the room function is different, you will find a similar element to express the consistent tone. The tea room and dressing room of this project also use this feature!

molding design

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation – Designer

In the initial discussion, decide to use the American style. I think the style is less one element. Therefore, add the European classical PU moldings. The owner doesn’t know much about the PU moldings, also has some doubts about the overall effect. After installation, the elegant house shows up, break the stereotype of the owner. The owner has a deep impression of Goodware service and product quality. I am grateful for the detailed technical solutions of Goodware. I hope we have more chances to use the PU moldings in the future. Bring the different visual effect for each house.

molding design

  1. Self-evaluation

The owner prefers American simple molding design, he doesn’t accept the classical PU moldings at the beginning. After several discussions with the designer, decide to use the PU plain moldings to decorate the house. Unexpectedly, increase the brightness and 3D sense. It is warmer than the original style. Balance the classical style and American style. Choose the suitable PU molding types and install at the right place. You can also have a mix and match American molding design home.

molding design

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