Project Description


Company: Gi-Ya hair salon
Owner: SHEN, WU-ZI
Planning budget: US$165,000
Design style: European classical moulding style
House conditions: new house
Space: 3,558 square feet
Building materials: PU moldings, Classical art moldings, and Onlay moldings


Which hair salon would let you say “amazing”? People are increasingly pursuing the level of beauty today, as well as the hair salon. You will have a great time in this French classical moulding style hair salon. By staying a moment of time here, find the enthusiasm for the life. There are four steps to decorate this hair salon.

Project process

  1. Confirm the decorating style with owner

The case is located near high-class residential area and shopping district. The owner discussed with construction master about the reception center and hair cutting area on the first floor, and shampoo area on the second floor. The owner liked the European classical moulding style. This style could be powerful in this huge space. Therefore, we used European classical moulding style to decorate it.

classical moulding

  1. Choose decorating materials

The owner was deeply involved in designing style. He saw a case of Goodware Company before. He liked the PU moldings and Classical art moldings in that case. These were the styles he wanted. He asked about the production of products, then, used these materials to decorate.

classical moulding

  1. Design features

In order to differentiate with other hair salon and give a better quality for the consumer. We chose French classical moulding style. The French style pursues natural and returns to innocence. Therefore, we used the special green to decorate the reception center. The green carved wall became the visual highlight. Create a classic fashion in the artificial carving and nature.

classical moulding

  1. Executive process

There was no design diagram and designer in this case. Goodware Company used development capability to achieve the owner’s blueprint. Goodware Company provided the project of decoration methods and materials, also planned the Onlay moldings on the wall. After that, Goodware Company and construction masters finished this case together.

classical moulding

  1. Completed

classical moulding

Project evaluation

  1. Owner evaluation

In the whole process, it was very difficult for construction masters and material vendor because there was no designer. Fortunately, the construction masters have lots of experiences and good cooperation of Goodware Company. For example, given the materials on time and good communication. The service of Goodwar is really good. This cooperation experience is great.

classical moulding

  1. Self-evaluation

The Owner is very satisfied with the decoration result. We are happy to earn the recognition. Goodware Company spent a lot of times to plan this case. The decorating effect breaks the public’s perception of the hair salon. It is also a new experience for us. We have a sense of accomplishment because of good evaluations from the owner and hair salon guests.

After that, the Gi-Ya hair salon has the great operating performance! Therefore, the branch hair salon also designed French classical moulding style. Goodware Company becomes the good partner with Gi-Ya hair salon when they need decoration service.

classical moulding

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