Project Description


Company: Ton Horizon Design Team
Owner: New Palace International CO. LTD. / OU, MIN- SHIUNG Chairman
Planning budget: US$350,000
Design style: European retro palace moulding type
House conditions: Since1996, it has been a restaurant. Part of the space converted to the museum in 2017.
Building materials: retro moulding, PU moulding, onlay, and model.


The old restaurant becomes a new attraction and brings you back to a hundred years ago. “New Palace” is a famous wedding hall in Taichung. This 20 years-old restaurant has a new appearance now! After redecorating, the first floor becomes a retro moulding type “Western museum”. Display the Sotheby and Christie’s lots that the total price is more than hundreds of millions. There are twenty Atlantic theme antiques, they will absolutely make the antique fans crazy!

The building decoration has become a popular attraction. The retro moulding type museum and classical French restaurant are on the first floor. The neoclassical wedding hall is on the second floor. People are looking forward to grabbing a camera to record these wonderful spaces. Let’s follow the old restaurant and return to the European high society, to see how to create it!

Project process

  1. Project origin

The New Palace was founded in Taichung. We decorated the East Branch this time. Use the concept of the old house activation. The owner wanted the 1st floor to become a retro moulding type museum and the 2nd floor become a general restaurant. The budget is more than US$350,000. Actually, the New Palace had cooperated with Goodware three years ago. The owner had the deep impression with retro moulding at that time. Because of that case, Goodware has become the first choice for the material.

moulding type

  1. Customer requirement

Commercial space decoration wants to be finished fastly. The paint process after wood moulding takes a long time. So the owner needed the moulding which was already finished. In addition, the lots are Baroque and Victorian collections. These western antiques matched with retro moulding type decoration. Finally, decided to use the retro moulding to bring out the retro glory of antiques.

moulding type

  1. Featured design – indoor

There are three popular spots that people stay for a while in the indoor space. Include the European retro moulding type 3D murals of the ceiling, staircase wall design, and French restaurant décor. The construction company combined the gold paint PU moulding and retro moulding to create the elegant retro moulding type design.

moulding type

  • retro moulding with 3D murals

The combination of plane and 3D creates the transformation between reality and unreality. Make the murals have the sense of multilevel.

moulding type

  • staircase wall

Use the PU moulding to create a fake fireplace. The combination of ancient Greece and Rome shows retro moulding type design.

moulding type

  • French palace decoration

The retro texture of gold moulding and purple gold color create the romantic French restaurant.

moulding type

  1. Featured design – outdoor

The outdoor retro hallway is also one of the highlights. The ceiling decoration wasn’t in the design plan. But the owner wanted to give the consumers a fresh feeling. Goodware assisted to design 10 ceiling models. Each ceiling module design from the complex to simple. The tall building corridors and ceiling design created the grand power of retro moulding type.

moulding type

  1. Difficulty

Because of the large decoration area of this project, the use of decorating materials was also large. Goodware retro moulding doesn’t have many types as PU moulding. It has limitation of matching with other materials. At the beginning, the material matching wasn’t well. The construction company asked Goodware for help. Goodware assisted how to use retro moulding create European retro moulding type.

moulding type

  1. Solution

The owner didn’t want the black moulding type. Therefore, Goodware used gold and silver moulding types. Due to the limitation of product style and color choice, the combination of materials was more difficult. Goodware carried the retro mouldings to the construction place. Made sure the size and communicated with the owner immediately for saving the confirmation time. And painted gold color on the PU mouldings to make up the limitation problem of retro moulding.

moulding type

  1. Completed

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation

Because of the cooperation this time, I have become very familiar with Goodware’s products. I like retro mouldings very much when I saw them at the first time. This time the museum could use it, and the effect as the same as I imagined. Unfortunately, the retro moulding type was less. But overall I was still very satisfied. In particular, the enthusiasm of the Goodware service was nice. The Goodware even transferred the employee who was from head office. The whole process of decorating was efficiency.

moulding type

  1. Self-evaluation

Whether the 2nd floor wedding hall or 1st floor museum, we could see the chairman really wanted to use our products. Because of the professional assistance of colleagues last case, so that the chairman had a good impression. Although the trading is only a moment, the good impression of 3 years ago makes the opportunity to cooperate in the future.

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