Project Description

Design Company: Fong Sin Design
Designer: TU, HUEI-MIN
Planning budget: US$163,000
Design style: Neoclassical molding trim style
House conditions: Old house renovation
Building materials: Goodware plain moldings, onlay moldings, scratch proof cloth.


In modern society, pets are no longer pets, they are equivalent to our own children. Many people are thinking about how to make the furkids live more comfortable? The designer plans carefully to find the decoration which can both have aesthetic and functional requirements. And then enhance the quality of living.

TU, HUEI-MIN designer of Fong Sin Design uses Goodware moldings to change the decoration limits. She also uses Goodware onlay moldings to upgrade the space. She creates a neoclassical molding trim style home sweet home for the guardian and furkid!

Project process

  1. Customer requirement – Jan.12.2017

The house owner has a furkid store and also has some cats at home. Therefore, the owner tells the designer to create a house which is a suitable place for human and furkids. People can live comfortably, cats can enjoy the new molding trim style home.

molding trim style

  1. Featured design – Jan.19.2017

The main decoration of this case is neoclassical molding trim style. This elegant style is a popular choice for many home decorations. Neo-classical has an advantage from ancient Greek and Roman, emphasis on proportion. The designer uses plain moldings to decorate the walls. The symmetrical proportion method is a clever way to hide the door, so that space is more extended. Also uses the moldings to trim the cabinets, make them integrate with space.

molding trim style

The dining room is an important area for a family. The designer uses the Goodware onlay moldings to beautify the TV wall, create a visual focus. Uses the flexible molding to make the hidden door becomes an arch shape. In addition, add the onlay moldings on the bedroom doors to match with the neoclassical molding trim style. The colors of overall space are dark gray, light gray, and white to create the soft visual experience.

molding trim style

  1. Difficulty – Feb.05.2017

Because of the old house renovation, the original pipes and decoration would be the limits of design, such as the entrance ceiling. The hidden air-conditioning maintenance hole, how to beautify it and can be open and closed? The living room TV wall has a storage function, how to combine the storage cabinet and background wall? And how to combine the furkids’ active area and neoclassical molding trim style? The designer is adding a lot of ingenuity to improve the problems in the planning for the c consistency of a home.  

molding trim style

  1. Design ingenuity – Feb.11.2017

So, how does the designer solve these problems and combine with neoclassical molding trim style? Let’s see!

  • Entrance ceiling: Use the moldings to make 3 by 3 grid ceiling. Visually completely hide the maintenance hole and can be open and closed.
  • Living room TV wall: Use the moldings to cover the storage cabinet. The gap between the cabinet and wall can engage naturally.
  • Furkids active area: Put the cat litter box inside the storage cabinet of the kitchen. The black small translucent door is the entrance. It is good for the hidden nature quality of cats. And doesn’t influence the visual effect. The cloth of all furniture is scratch proof. The furniture won’t be tattered just living for few days.

molding trim style

molding trim style

  1. Completed – Feb.23.2017

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation

The onlay moldings are suitable for neoclassical molding trim style. Therefore, I decided to use the Goodware products to decorate the TV wall and doors. This is my first time to use this kind of moldings. The result shows the effect that I want. Goodware provides helpful service!

molding trim style

  1. Self-evaluation

From the beginning of the design plan to the products shipment, we help the designer to set out the products. We have a good interactive relationship with the designer. So when we ask the designer for an interview after finishing this case, she is willing to cooperate with us. That means we have good service to assist her!

molding trim style

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