Project Description

Design Company: Dong Fang Interior Construction
Planning budget: US$98,000
Design style: Modern style
House conditions: New house
Building materials: “Natural architectural” decorative wall mouldings, Bamboo wall panels, and “Beauty of East & West” coconut tiles.


Where do you want to go in summer? “I am going to the beach!” This could be everyone’s plan. The sunshine, beach, bikini are the marks of summer. Where do you want to go on vacation?

A great hotel can give people wonderful memories. A bad hotel can destroy the whole vacation. The enjoyments of a vacation are relaxed, cozy, not in hurry, and close to nature. The Bai Shuei Mu Hotel which is in Kenting Taiwan uses natural decorative wall mouldings to decorate the interior. The visitors can enjoy the natural atmosphere from the inside to the outside.

Project process

  1. Customer requirement – March.02.2013

Kenting is a famous resort in Taiwan. The beach, ocean, and bikini become the first choice for summer tourism. There are many hotels which have their own styles. Visitors would like to choose a special hotel for lodging. Therefore, the Bai Shuei Mu Hotel owner wants to create a unique and outstanding hotel in competitive hotel market in Kenting. Make a market segmentation and attract the visitors to stay.

decorative wall mouldings

  1. Featured design – May.20.2013

The whole hotel uses environmentally friendly materials – Natural decorative wall mouldings to decorate. They can also use on the cabinet, door, and artwork. The natural decorative wall mouldings and Bamboo wall panels were made by plant ingredient. The surfaces of them have the distinct natural texture. Each room is the high ceiling with plenty of natural light. Use the vegetation color and add a hanging seat to create the cozy space.

decorative wall mouldings

decorative wall mouldings

decorative wall mouldings

decorative wall mouldings

  1. Difficulty – June.10.2013

“Some strengths aren’t always advantages.” The small weakness of the natural decorative wall mouldings is we can’t install in humid places. Therefore, we need to consider the environment, we can’t install wherever we want.

decorative wall mouldings

  1. Solution – June.15.2013

In the design of space, install the natural decorative wall mouldings in the ventilation space and avoid the wet bathroom. After pasting the natural decorative wall mouldings, spray transparent protective paint on them to form a waterproofing layering. This can avoid the influence of moisture. Because of sunny weather in Kenting, don’t worry about the damp problem.

decorative wall mouldings

  1. Completed – July.10.2013

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation

I think that these natural decorative wall mouldings are completely showing the sense of nature. They also match with the furnishings very much. I like it! The unique design is the same as I expected.

decorative wall mouldings

  1. Self-evaluation

The designer deeply agrees with the concept from Goodware. Goodware takes the environmental protection concept to develop the materials. The overall interior space is full of green atmosphere. The occupancy rate is high. Thank the owner who are willing to allow us to take some pictures. This case is the best example of natural decorative wall mouldings.

decorative wall mouldings

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