Project Description


Design Company: Xin Zhi Suo Xiang aesthetics design studio
Designer: CHEN, YING-RU
Planning budget: US$100,000
Space: one floor 640.5 ft² /total four floors / 3 beds, 3baths, 1 living rooms, and 1 Japanese room
Design style: Mix and match – classical, industrial, and rural styles
House conditions: Old house renovation
Building materials: PU moldings, plain PU moldings, onlays, and cultural stone


Do you like to go to the amusement park? When you open different doors, you can see different theme rooms, such as a pirate ship or a castle. Goodware is going to take you to a mix and match style space which combines the studio and home. It looks like an amusement park!

mix and match

Featured design

  1. Living room

The house owner is a nail designer. She wants to have a studio in her house, so she can serve the customers on the weekend. Therefore, design a big shoe cabinet in the entrance. Use PU moldings create a frame on the cabinet door. Choose the port blue to show a European sense.

mix and match

The living room as a reception place for the owner’s customer and parents’ guests. The orange sofa matching with white cabinet become an attention-grabber. Use PU plain moldings to decorate the ceiling. Then, add a crystal chandelier to increase the lighting.

mix and match

The handles of cabinets are onlay moldings. Add a simple fireplace to decorate the wall. These elements make the living room more elegant!

mix and match

  1. Daughter’s room

This is another special mix and match style room. You can see the red brick wall, iron lamp, wooden box, and concrete wall. These elements form an industrial style room. It is completely different with the living room. But the main colors are bright, make the room full of warmth.

mix and match

  1. Parents’ room

The Lavender and white colors make the room softened up. The onlay handles and PU plain moldings of the cabinets are the same in the living room. This shows the same connection in the changeable mix and match style.

mix and match

  1. Studio

The owner is a nail designer. She wants to move the downtown studios to here. Then, create a different studio space from the past. The overall studio is British style. The main color of the studio is high-saturation navy blue. The colors of ceiling and wall are contrasting colors. This studio looks like the paint “Lozenge Composition with Red, Gray, Blue, Yellow, and Black” of Mondria. Construct a rational and sensual atmosphere with colors.

mix and match

The gold outline PU moldings of cabinets are connecting with the parents’ room. The mix and match style studio includes three elements from the three rooms, such as the onlay handles, wooden box, and contemporary art colors. These create a joyful work and home space.

mix and match

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation

The house owner studied design before. She has her own ideas for the interior design.The ideas of the owner and designer are very close. Therefore, the designer can also give clear guidance on the use of the product. Use Goodware PU moldings and onlays create a European atmosphere. She is very satisfied with the service and detailed product description.

mix and match

  1. Self-evaluation

The house owner and designer like our onlays and scene shooting services. That’s why we can get this project. Even though only use the single products this time, the designer still likes our service attitude. Goodware hopes there will be more cooperation opportunities in the future.

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