Project Description


Planning budget: US$65,000
Store size: 715 square feet/ two floors
Design style: Italian molding and trim style
House conditions: Old house renovation
Construction time: 2014
Building materials: Goodware PU moldings, fireplace decor columns, 3D ceiling, wall sconces.


Do you like to eat ice cream? Ice cream should be a fantastic dessert for many people’s childhood. Speaking of the ice cream, we often think about the Italy. Italy is not only famous for pizza and pasta but also gelato. Goodware is going to introduce an Italian molding and trim style gelato store. It is not only decorated in a Venetian style but also has a “delicious chocolateish décor”. Do you feel strange about the “delicious” décor? Let Goodware tell you why!

Project process

  1. Customer requirement

The owner is a businesswoman who is operating a number of restaurants. She is not only good at management but also has her own ideas about the interior design. She has great impressions of Italy. Therefore, this gelato store is decorated with Italian molding and trim style.

molding and trim style

  1. Featured design

  • 1st floor – Gorgeous Venice

Entering the gelato store, you can feel the strong gorgeous atmosphere. White European decorative materials match with the yellowish light. Show the 3D shadow and multilevel sense. Because of the Goodware rectangular 3D ceiling, carved onlays on the wall, and the Venetian carnival masks and feathers, customers will feel that they are in Venice. As if just participated in the Venice Carnival and go to the gelato store for resting.

The patterns on the wall are combined by onlay moldings. Let the wall decorations look like the western painting. Use the fireplace decor columns to form the balustrade. Add a retro mottled mirror. This gelato store is full of historic Italian molding and trim style.

molding and trim style

molding and trim style

  • 2nd floor – creating a delicious decoration by chocolate color

In order to expand the dining space, the second floor is decorated in next year. It shows a different style with the first floor. The same thing is the classical elements, such as Goodware PU moldings, planar Roman columns, and corbels. However, the same elements show different feelings. These classical elements are painted in chocolate color. Especially, the rhombic patterns of crown moldings look like the chocolate waffle. Make me mouth-watering. This is the best store to eat a gelato!

molding and trim style

  1. Difficulty

The designer of this case originally planned to add five Goodware frames on the wall. But there is not enough stock. So Goodware recommends using onlay moldings.

molding and trim style

  1. Solution

Goodware‘s drawing department is very hardworking for matching. The owner and designer both like our Italian molding and trim style mirror frame. They think it is more beautiful than the original one. Goodware and designer have good cooperation for creating this Italian molding and trim style gelato store.

molding and trim style

  1. Completed

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation

The help of Goodware allowed the gelato shore to present Italian molding and trim style in the best way. And can be completed on schedule. The effects of onlay moldings are amazing. Decorating can make market differences in the local area. Goodware is really a professional and considerate company.

molding and trim style

  1. Self-evaluation

The owner and designer both like the result. Goodware’s staff can deliver the goods on time and reduce the time for construction. We also solve the questions that carpenter and owner ask. These are the important key points for completing on schedule. We believe these are why the owner uses our products again for 2nd floor decoration. We will maintain this spirit of service.

molding and trim style

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