Project Description

Designer: WANG, WEI
Owner: Miramar business club
Space: business space
Design style: European business space decoration
House size: 7118 square feet
Building materials: Goodware PU moldings, Roman columns, ceiling light plates, “Beauty of East & West” shell tiles.


You look up at the sky in the lights glow dimly place. What do you see? Are they stars or flashing lights? The night always gives a blurred feeling. Where are you going tonight?

The opening hours of Miramar business club is night time. Follow by the night, the ceiling light plates of the Miramar business club look like gorgeous a kaleidoscope. The designer of this case has designed many night business clubs. This time, how does he decorate the Miramar business club? Every club has its own features. Let’s see this beautiful club.

Project process

  1. Customer requirement – Jan.26.2015

The owner cares about the interior decoration. He wants to show luxury and grand feelings. Especially he hopes that the guests will be able to feel a noble feeling when they go into the club. Just like they go into a palace. So each room of the club has a different decoration, such as the gorgeous ceiling light plates. People will expect to see the surprises.

ceiling light plates

  1. Featured design – Mar.04.2015

Wang Wei designer mostly designs classical European and Baroque styles. He often uses Goodware’s products to perform the space. For creating the flourishing and dazzling atmosphere, innovate the Goodware’s products to decorate the club. Use the European classical elements of moldings, roman columns, and ceiling light plates to match with mirror reflective material. Besides, these materials are colorful. They create a sense of modernity. Each room looks like a kaleidoscope, practical function and luxury vision mix together. Create the club decoration waltzes.

ceiling light plates

ceiling light plates

ceiling light plates

  1. Difficulty – Mar.25.2015

The most difficult thing about this case is the building materials’ supply problems. Because of the wide space, it needs a lot of Goodware decorative materials, such as the ceiling light plates. The various types and large quantities take some time, especially some special products. These problems would increase the construction time.

ceiling light plates

  1. Solution – Apr.05.2015

In order to solve the supply problem, Goodware coordinate with the woodworking master. Transfer the products first, we provide the products that we can give. The workers can use the products first. It doesn’t have to follow the procedure. Prevent to delay the construction time. And Goodware also requests the factory to produce the products as soon as possible.

ceiling light plates

  1. Completed – May.25.2015

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation

I am very touched by the full support from Goodware. The woodworking master says “The whole construction time and costs less than expected!” The owner is also satisfied with the beauty which is presented by the products, so that the entire club becomes more noble and gorgeous. This club will attract many customers to come.

ceiling light plates

  1. Self-evaluation

After the completion of this case, many owners who want to run a business like this impressive club decoration. Therefore, many related industries, such as the hotel and ballroom, start to use the European style. They also use the Goodware’s PU products, such as the ceiling light plates, to increase the atmosphere. This allows customers to enjoy the aristocratic life and gives them a deep impression.

ceiling light plates

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