Project Description

Design Company: KUO LIEN Real Estate
Designer: LIU, CHIA-CHI
Space: Home
Design style: American neoclassical style
House condition: New house
House size: 1175 square feet
Building materials: Goodware flexible moldings, PU moldings.


Do you feel tired of the neoclassical style? Actually, the neoclassical style can transform to a lot of types. This tropical and elegant home decoration may be able to give you different inspiration! Let’s see how to use Goodware flexible moldings and how to match with the furniture to create passionate romance!

Project process

  1. Customer requirement – Jun.14.2017

The construction project of “LIFE BY A RIVER” was KUO LIEN Real Estate’s own building. It needs a model home to display. The model home has to be beautiful and attractive to give the customers a deep impression. Also show the possibility of space. The designer chooses the modern American neoclassical style and match the elegant classical Goodware flexible moldings.

Flexible moldings

  1. Featured design – Jun.25.2017

This case combines humanistic style and modern texture. Combine these in the base of the neoclassical style. The designer uses the features of flexible moldings to create calm and elegant design elements. The main colors are pink and purple. Add a passionate feeling within the elegant. The species of plants are full of tropical atmosphere. The neoclassical style changes into exotic tunes instantly.

Part of the furniture and wall have the Art Deco image. Combine the modern and neoclassical style to create the American neoclassical style. Living room and dining room are open spaces to emphasize the light and color which blend with each other. The walls are symmetrical and colorful to create a visual focus. Also plan the hidden functional design to enlarge the small space.

Flexible moldings

  1. Difficulty – July.16.2017

Because this case is the own model home of KUO LIEN Real Estate, we don’t face too many difficulties. Only a small problem is the construction workers don’t know how to install the new molding type – flexible moldings. Therefore, we need to explain to them.

Flexible moldings

  1. Solution – July.19.2017

In the beginning, when the designer is planning the materials, Goodware explains the construction method of the flexible moldings. And then Goodware goes to construction place to explain to the woodworking master again. Check the installation place and provide some construction tips.

Flexible moldings

  1. Completed – Aug.10.2017

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation

The flexible moldings are the good products. The flexible moldings can help us to complete some ideas which are not easy to do. The woodworking master also thinks the flexible moldings are great products. Save and solve many construction time and problems.

Flexible moldings

  1. Self-evaluation

After the completion of the paint and furniture decoration, Goodware’s flexible moldings and other products show good effect with the whole decoration. The KUO LIEN Real Estate’s owner and designer both like this result. If you like the interior design of this model home, you can refer this case and design your home.

Flexible moldings

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