Project Description

Design Company: RIS INTERIOR
Planning budget: US$196,000
Space: Coffee shop
Design style: European moulding style
House conditions: Old house renovation
Building materials: Goodware plain moulding style, door and window frames, wood tiles.


“Have a coffee shop” should be many people’s dream. Working in the good coffee smell place. Many people want to have this career for whole life. However, how many people’s dream come true?

A young couple likes coffee very much. They devote themselves to know more about coffee, also get a lot of relevant licenses. They not only have strict requirements about the quality of coffee but also place a high value on the atmosphere of the coffee shop. Let’s see! How do they describe their ideas? How does the RIS INTERIOR help them to make dream come true? And what role does the Goodware play?

Project process

  1. Customer requirement – May.22.2017

The coffee culture came from the Middle East originally, but, carries forward in Europe which is many writers, thinkers, and artists’ enlighted place. IN’S CAFÉ hopes to run a coffee shop which looks completely like the coffee shop of England streets in Taiwan. They want to continue the cultural spirit from Europe. Because of the requirement of exactly the same with the European coffee shop, European moulding style becomes the important thing of the decoration.

moulding style

  1. Featured design – indoor – June.26.2017

Due to the European street moulding style, use a large number of glasses, such as a greenhouse. The sunshine can come into the coffee shop. The overall use ink blue color to present the elegant and calm atmosphere. Use the Goodware’s mouldings to create the geometric frame and line. And use the Goodware’s door and window frame mouldings to do the fine modification. Add the elegant furniture, wooden door, and retro tiles. The coffee shop is immediately showing the European moulding style. It is a retro with yuppie, elegant with the personality, and the rural with modern style.

moulding style

moulding style

  1. Featured design – appearance – July,18.2017

In order to create the same European moulding style on the appearance, the PU mouldings can also use in outdoor. Use the PU mouldings to adjust the ratio of entrance and columns. Because the PU mouldings are moisture proof and don’t have pores, the designer can use them outside definitely. You will feel you are drinking coffee in the England street.

moulding style

  1. Design ingenuity – Aug.02.2017

The coffee shop is the old house renovation. Originally, the first floor was used as a garage. So the ground design was curvature for parking. But it is necessary to be converted into a coffee shop, the entire ground must be removed and filled. Change the original gap into a staircase and keep the side door. The side door is convenient for carrying the goods and also can be a free access space for the disabled.

moulding style

  1. Completed – Sep.03.2017

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation

The decoration of some pour over coffee shops is simple. Because they would choose the best quality coffee beans, so the cost is high. Although the IN’S CAFÉ’s owners choose the best coffee beans, they still insist great decoration. Because the owners hope that the customers can drink coffee in a very beautiful place. They are grateful to the designers for creating the dream. Use the Goodware PU mouldings to make the whole space more abundant. IN’S CAFÉ shows European moulding style completely.

moulding style

  1. Self-evaluation

We are very excited to provide our products for this case. It is hard to build authentic European moulding style in Asia. Goodware is joyful to see our products can be used beautifully. Because of the pour over coffee and gorgeous decoration, IN’S CAFÉ lures many coffee lovers to come. And gets many positive evaluations. The designers are got an interview by an interior design website. Goodware’s products can help the designers to create the authentic European moulding style is our pleasure.

moulding style

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