Project Description


Design Company/Designer: T.K. Chu Design LTD. / T.K.Chu
Construction Company (Customer): Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Company
Design style: new Chinese style
House conditions: new house
Building materials: custom-made new moldingceiling dome of flower modeling


The Suzhou garden home, called as “Taohuayuan,” meaning “Utopia” but translating literally to “Peach Blossom Land” was designed by the famous designer “T.K.Chu” from Taiwan. The grand entrance is very attractive. The flower modeling of ceiling corresponds to the floor. The light shines through the flower modeling. It combines the new moldings of Chinese style and European style. But the big flower modeling is a challenge for installation.

Project process

  1. Project origin

The construction company of Taohuayuan was Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Company. The new molding looked like a flower modeling, the size and surface were difficult to make. The Gold Mantis Company asked many suppliers’ to make it. But no one could do it. They asked the designer T.K.Chu who could do it. He suggested the Goodware Company. Then, they contacted the China office of Goodware Company. Therefore, we had this chance to make the new molding.

new moldings

  1. Customer requirement

The new molding had to paint the bright white paint, the customer wanted the both sides of new molding had the light effect. It needed to make by one piece and no seams. This request created the smooth and silky new molding. It was tightly seam, smooth curvature, and clean surface. It showed the new Chinese style’s idea.

new moldings

  1. Difficulty

In general, the hard molding is made by GRC (plaster) ingredient. However, the plaster couldn’t create the elaboration what the designer T.K.Chu wanted. It was also difficult to make the smooth effect on the back side of the new molding. That was why many suppliers couldn’t do it. We worried about how to make it only by one piece. The oversize would fail. We usually make for 4 pieces and then assemble together.

new moldings

  1. Solution

Our design director “Han-Lung, Lin” made the detailed structure planning. Then, the factory followed the planning to produce the new molding by one piece and delivered to Suzhou. Through the design ability of Goodware Company to create a smooth and one piece’s flower ceiling dome. It could make a new record for new Chinese style.

new moldings

  1. Completed

new moldings

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation

The new molding was elaborate and matched our request. Even though the price was expensive, it was worth. The Goodware Company’s professionalism is trustworthy.

new moldings

  1. Self-evaluation

This project cost a lot of times to research. We are delighted that finished this project.

Because good cooperated with Gold Mantis Company this time, we continued to cooperate with them in several cases. After that, there is a designer asking about producing the same ceiling dome without molding fee. We insist to protect the wisdom value. Unless the original designer agrees with it, otherwise, we won’t produce for another person. We insist the professional ethics.


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