Project Description


Project name: Dream Mansion
Design Company: Dun-Qian Hotel Management LTD.
Designer: HUANG, GUO-JIN
Planning budget: US$6,000
Design style: Classical moulding architecture of Colonial style 1930 Shanghai
House conditions: Old building renovated
Building materials: PU moldings, Classical PU moldings, marble, fireplaces, and Roman columns


Nowadays, there are many industrial and rural style hotels. But there is a unique hotel which combines the Chinese culture and European classical elements. From a new perspective to create a classical moulding hotel. In addition, this hotel replaces traditional services with modern technology. The hotel is not only a place to rest but also shows the aesthetic value of cultural integration.

classical moulding

The style of Dream Mansion is the classical moulding of 1930 old Shanghai. Shanghai was an important site for international business at that time. The European architectures also reflected the lifestyle and Western culture. That period was the golden age of Shanghai. Dream Mansion reproduces the same decoration! Let’s enjoy the golden age in this hotel together.

classical moulding

Featured design

  1. Tension of the Lines

The appearance of Dream Mansion is simple and plain. However, you will see the gorgeous line design in the lobby. The ceiling is full of tension of the lines. The black texture and reflections of light create the low-key and calm atmosphere. The color matching of white PU crown moldings and black ceiling show the illusion of high ceiling.

classical moulding

  1. Decorative materials and Lighting

Another feature of Dream Mansion is the “self-service hotel.” There is no reception, you need to use the automatic machine to check-in. How to create a warm feeling with the cold machine? The answer is the texture of decorative materials and lighting.

From the Roman column, black decorative fireplace, to the ceiling line design, these decorations create the sense of the multilevel and dim atmosphere of the old building. Through these elements create a classical moulding hotel and show the taste of old Shanghai.

classical moulding

  1. Temperature of Texture

Guest room decoration continues the impression of the lobby. The plain concrete wall contrasts with gorgeous gold mirror frame. This frame is made of Goodware PU classical mouldings. Show the artistic room.

classical moulding

The main colors are black and white. Use wooden elements to warm up the cold black and white. The alternating material and texture of overall space bring the feeling of changing multilevel sense.

classical moulding

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation

Because of the new technology “self-service” and different business model with the traditional hotel, consider the convenience of follow-up maintenance for facilities. We choose to use Goodware PU decorative materials. We need good quality and taste’s products. Goodware PU materials are waterproof and non-toxic. Cleaning is also very simple. It is perfect for the “self-service” hotel.

classical moulding

  1. Self-evaluation

Dun-Qian Hotel Management LTD. Has its own interior design team. Under the designer’s taste and insistence, Goodware clearly knows what materials they need to build a classical moulding hotel of old Shanghai style. The purchase communication is also successful. We are glad that the design team can create the different tension of lines.

classical moulding

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