Project Description


Design Company: Jie Wei design
Designer: Tu, Jian-Tong
Planning budget: US$27,000
Space: 712ft²
Design style: Neoclassical style
House conditions: Business space
Building materials: Goodware PU moldings, wall panel, marble.


Go into an alley, you can smell the sweet taste. Different from the general pink or white style, the main colors of this dessert shop are gold and black. You can feel the calm and elegant in vision. It looks like the authentic French style store.

This project is a French dessert shop in Taipei, Taiwan. Let’s see how to use the Goodware PU moldings to create a neoclassical moulding store.

moulding store

Project process

  1. Customer requirement

The owner wants to give the amazing feeling for customers when they enter the store. Therefore, the designer decides to create a neoclassical moulding store. Use gold wall panels to show the modern sense. The gold appearance will catch the customers’ eyes. Use the Goodware PU moldings to decorate the interior.

moulding store

  1. Featured design

  • Interior space: The concept of the neoclassical style is using the simple elements. The interior lighting and natural light bright up the whole store. Use the gold outline for the ceiling. Create the royal atmosphere.

moulding store

  • Appearance: The appearance of the neoclassical moulding store is composed of wall panels, glass, and window frame. The steel window frames cover the black painted PU moldings. Paint W-5188 wall panels in golden color. The black and gold colors show the combination of classical and modern styles.

moulding store

  • Counter: Combine the marble and PU plain molding to make a simple style counter. Use the carved plane chair rail to decorate the wall. The PU plain moldings can also create the multilevel sense.

moulding store

  • Window frame: The big window frame shows the art picture frame effect. Create the artistic atmosphere and respond the interior decoration and store LOGO.

moulding store

From gold wall panel to black moldings match with simple colors. These elements build a neoclassical moulding store.

Tip: Because Taipei is a humid environment, the designer considers the waterproof problem. Thus, he chooses Goodware PU materials. The features of our PU materials are delicate texture, waterproof, and anti-corrosion. You can install them on the exterior. Don’t worry about the rainwater.

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation

From the beginning of construction, the Goodware coordinator is willing to discuss with the designer. At first, the designer is still a bit worried. However, when the appearance part is done, many people are interested in this neoclassical moulding store. Designer and owner are very satisfied with the result. The PU materials need to be installed outdoors, Goodware coordinator provides some helps about the waterproof problem. The second branch will also use the same wall panels!

moulding store

  1. Self-evaluation

The height and width of appearance are bigger than our PU materials. We worry about how to cut them. Finally, we decide to assemble the wall panels first, then, paint the gold color. We assist the designer to finish this neoclassical moulding store. We get many good reviews. That’s why we have the second cooperation chance.

moulding store

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