Project Description

Design Company: Royal Interior Design
Planning budget: US$88,000
Space: 1,957 ft²
Design style: American classical home décor
House conditions: Old house renovation
Building materials: PU moldings, onlay moldings. And ceiling panels.


Do you like to collect artworks? If so, you will enjoy this American classical home décor! The house owner likes to collect the artworks. Therefore, the designers left a space in the hallway for displaying the artworks. The designer of this case is a team of young designers. From the concept to the completion process, they maintain a close interaction with the owner. They understand the owner’s needs and living habits. Through Goodware building materials, create an ideal home for the owner! Let’s enjoy this American classical home décor.

Featured design

  • Hallway

Use the PU moldings to protect the wall. The chair rail design in the proportion of vertical space brings multilevel feeling for visual changes. In addition, when the sun shines in the house, the white PU moldings and elegant color wallpaper make the space warmer. At the end of the hallway is the display space for the owner’s collections.

classical home décor

Close the door, through the light of ceiling, the hallway becomes a mystery theater. Moreover, use the ceiling panels to decorate the ceiling. The light brings out a three-dimensional impression of the ceiling.

classical home décor

  • Living room
  1. Contrast

The dark and light colors are the contrast design. Combine Eastern and Western styles. Pierced patterned board as a room divider. Pierced shapes break the narrow feeling of space.

  1. Elements

American classical home décor has a variety of element combinations. These elements can make space apart. For example, the light color wall creates a visually spacious room. In the center, the dark and practical furniture focuses everyone’s sight.

classical home décor

  • Tearoom

Beside the ancient tones of sofas and coffee tables, it is also the white wall and plain PU moldings. Create the elegant classical home décor.

classical home décor

Through this project, you can see the gorgeous effect of PU moldings. The designers also skillfully create both simple and classical home décor. In fact, Goodware has many PU moldings that you can combine the style that you like. You can check out our other projects.

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation – Designers

In order to create the American classical home décor that the homeowner expects, we decided to use PU moldings. This time, there has been a big change in house layout. However, the Goodware PU moldings can follow the change and show the good performance. Increase the beauty of space. Besides, thanks Goodware employees for always trying to solve problems when we encounter them.

classical home décor

  1. Self-evaluation

The designers and the owner had a good communication. They decided the homestyle very soon. We provided suitable advice to fit the needs of the designers. Even though there is a miscalculation of material quantities during construction, it was still successfully resolved and presented the style that the homeowner wanted. Whether the designers or Goodware staffs are very pleased with the result.

classical home décor

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