Project Description


Construction Company: FU YU Construction Services
Planning budget: US$33,000
Design style: European trim molding style
House conditions: New B&B (Bed & Breakfast)
House size: 7118 square feet
Building materials: Goodware PU moldings, onlay moldings, corbels, ceiling medallions, Roman columns.


Where will you go for a weekend vacation? A colorful manor stands in the paddy field in Yilan Taiwan. Red, yellow, and green show the lively atmosphere. It looks like a fairy tale manor. It is a scenic wonderland which is a good choice for a vacation.

This attention-grabber building is a B&B manor. It is European trim molding style. From the appearance to the interior space is full of European atmosphere. Let’s start a vacation to see this beautiful manor.

trim molding style

Project process

  1. Customer requirement – Sep.15.2016

The owner wants to create a European garden landscape. It can bring you back to the classical Europe manor. Therefore, the overall space design is European trim molding style. The owner hopes to give the customers different choices and freshness. So this manor combines many types of European trim molding style. Each customer can choose his favorite room.

trim molding style

  1. Choose decorating materials – Oct.03.2016

In the beginning, the owner didn’t choose the Goodware. He considered about the price of the product. He wanted to choose another supplier. However, the owner chose the Goodware’s products finally after the FU YU Construction Company’s explanation. FU YU explained the difference of quality. Whether the 3D sense or quality, Goodware’s products are better. Because the target audience is middle to high-class customers, choose the high quality decorating materials to build a high taste manor.  

trim molding style

  1. Featured design – Oct.26.2016

You can feel the palace atmosphere when you enter the lobby. The white base with outline in gold, Goodware ceiling medallions, plane Roman column, fireplace, and onlay moldings are luxury.

Each room combines the gorgeous palace style and European trim molding style. Some of the rooms add the classical dynastic elements, such as the Victorian pattern and Versailles golden element. Some of the rooms add the rural stone material and yarn bed curtain. Each room is a chapter of the fairy tale.

trim molding style

trim molding style

  1. Completed – Feb.20.2017

trim molding style

Project evaluation

  1. Customer evaluation – FU YU Construction Company

The owner decides to use the Goodware’s product is not a pitch. We can feel the differences when we are constructing. So we are confident to convince the owner. Let him know more about the Goodware’s products.

This time, we have used the custom-made products. But we make a mistake about the size. Although the products can’t return, the Goodware employee has asked the office for returning. We are very touched about this.

trim molding style

  1. Self-evaluation

The B&B owner is the first time using Goodware’s products. We are glad that our products earn recognition. We insist to maintain good quality is a right way. After the size error event, the FU YU Construction Company knows that we are standing out for our customer. Touching customer’s heart is a happiness for the Goodware employees.

trim molding style

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