In order to assure the health of family and ourself, when we choose building materials, we need to pay attention to its safety and non-toxic. Evenmore, the healthy avirulent is the first selection element. As a medium and high-end decorative material, polyurethane moulding is mainly made of polyurethane (pu for short). it is safe, non-toxic and pollution-free. Besides, it is resistant to insects, water and mildew. Therefore, more and more consumers are willing to choose it. 

Why is it so safe and healthy? There are some reasons as follows 

1.The chemical composition of polyurethane moulding 

PU is the abbreviation of Polyurethane. It is a decorative building material product made from a polyhydroxyl compound and a diisocyanate, or a polyisocyanate that reacts with the appropriate catalyst and additive which should be moulded and painted with oil. In other words, The raw material of polyurethane moulding is a kind of high polymer compound. It used to be mainly derived from petroleum, but now it is mainly extracted from plant fibers such as straw, straw and wood chips. Nowadays, it is known as the “fifth type of plastic”. 

polyurethane moulding

2.A strictly controlled production process 

No harmful gas will be produced during the production and use of polyurethane moulding, and no toxic gas will be produced after combustion. Secondly, it uses a fluoride-free formula with zero chemical controversy which is no harm to human health. 

Wooden building materials contain high sugar and high protein components. they are the popular food for insects, ants, so it often suffer from moth in the process of use. In order to avoid this occasion, the manufacturers will soak formaldehyde solvents in making wooden materials. However, formaldehyde is a highly carcinogenic substance which will slowly evaporate in where you use it. It generally takes more than three years to remove clear in a well-ventilated environment. Especially in winter, the formaldehyde content in the house is higher because the doors and windows are closed, which lead the air not circulating. What is more, people will have difficulty breathing, hoarse throat, cough, and other toxic symptoms when the formaldehyde concentration reaches a certain amount, which greatly endangers human health. 

The main raw material of PVC building materials is plastics. It is necessary to add additives and plasticizers in the production process of PVC building materials. The additives and plasticizers can be seeped or vaporized, which will interferes with the endocrine of living things. Use these building materials for a long time can be harmful to human health. At the same time, a large amount of poisonous gases, such as dioxins, chlorhydric acid and lead, will be produced during the whole life cycle of manufacturing. 

polyurethane moulding

3.Safe construction process 

The polyurethane moulding construction is simple that one person can finish the construction in a short time. In the installation of PU lines, you only need to use glue to adhere to it, then use the nail to reinforce it. Because of its light weight,  the falling will not cause great damage to the human when we suffer the natural disasters such as earthquakes. 

The gypsum line is heavier, which requires two or more people to work at the same time. The gypsum line installation time takes four times as long as the PU line. During the installation, the glue and gypsum powder shall be adjusted into a binder, and the gypsum line shall be fixed with steel nails or self-tapping screws. Once the gypsum falls during construction or use, it will do great harm to human body. 

polyurethane moulding

4.The degradation process is natural and environmentally friendly 

As natural resources gradually scarce, people increase their awareness of environmental protection. In that case, we often take the environmental performance of materials into consideration when we select the products. 

After being abandoned, polyurethane moulding can be completely degraded in only 40 to 50 years (it takes 200 years to degrade the commonly plastic bags, and the degradation is not complete). Moreover, no toxic substances will be produced during the degradation process.Similarly. The main component of PVC building materials is polyvinyl chloride. It is very resistant to oxidants, reducing agents and strong acids. Once being abandoned, it is difficult to enter the natural degradation cycle. If treated by incineration, a lot of harmful HCL gas will be produced, accompanied by thick smoke. Furthermore,the use of buried treatment will cause soil and water pollution. 

 polyurethane moulding

All in all. Choosing safe, non-toxic and pollution-free polyurethane moulding products will decorate our houses more perfectly. At the same time,  it bring health to our family and protect our earth. If you want to know more information, please click here.