Have you always wanted to decorate your house beautifully? However,  you don’t know how to buy the suitable materials. Here, I will introduce the difference between polyurethane crown molding and gypsum molding. You can use these comparisons to get a deeper understanding of these two materials.

The polyurethane crown molding is made of polyurethane which is a kind of polymer composed of a monomer containing an -NHCOO-repeating structural unit. It is composed of a monomeric isocyanate (black material) and a hydroxy compound (white material).

polyurethane crown molding


The features of polyurethane crown molding

  • The first feature is the superior quality. The polyurethane crown molding is not deformed, cracked or rotted. It is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali. It can maintain the stability of materials all the time. What is more, it is insect-proof, waterproof, non-absorbent, water-tight, and not afraid of moisture. So it can decorate the bathroom.
  • The second feature is that it is green and environmental protection. Because it is no radiation, no volatile, no formaldehyde and no harmful substances.
  • The third feature is the excellent in craftsmanship. The polyurethane crown moldingare is beautiful, durable and refined. Moreover, the large pieces are magnificent while the small pieces are exquisite, which will improve the taste of decoration. The weight of the polystyrene crown moldings are very slight. So the construction of this product is extremely simple.
  • The fourth feature is the polyurethane crown moldings are easy to process. The material can be sawed, planed, and smashed. Meanwhile, it has almost no waste during the installation process. So it is economical and environmentally friendly.
  • The fifth feature is the good coloration. Its surface can apply with a variety of water-based and oil-based paints.  It can can lasts for a long time after coloring. Whether it imitates the stone,wood, or metal, it is very realistic.
  • The sixth feature is its long service life and high safety factor.

polyurethane crown molding


The features of gypsum molding

Compared with polyurethane crown molding, gypsum moldings also have their own unique advantages. For example, it is a kind of green and environmental protection molding, and the price is slightly cheaper. However, the weight of the gypsum moldings is relatively heavy, fragile and broken. So the installation process is inconvenient. And the dangerous will be higher during the installation and use time. In addition, it is easier to get moist, yellow. So it can not be washed. Meanwhile, the service time will be short.

polyurethane crown molding


The comparision between polyurethane crown molding and gypsum molding

Safety: pu crown molding safety factor is higher than  gypsum molding

Lifespan:pu crown molding have a longer service life than  gypsum molding, more than 70 years.

Price: gypsum molding is more affordable than pu crown molding.

Quality: pu crown molding quality is better than gypsum molding. The  analyse of the result is from the characteristics of water absorption, moisture resistance, non-toxicity and consistency.

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