History Events 

A Decade of H&K




H&K had started as H&K Goodware Industrial Co. Ltd. as a brand, and began to promote to the market the decorative building material; with PVC skirting board as the main product and moulding set as the side product. During the starting period, the company consisted the founder couple themselves.


+Introduce DOS operation system on computer for inventory purpose. Created the first ever computerized packing list in the traditional industry of Taiwan.

+ Began to hire staffs, and request to carry on the spirit of service, as to deliver the material to the designated location and floor.

A Decade of H&K



+ Sales“Lotus Brand Moulding”

+ The first exclusive 42 pages color catalog was published.

+ Set up a large-scale warehouse and logistics center to provide faster service.



+Divide the business area in Kaohsiung into North Kaohsiung and South Kaohsiung.

+ Began to research and develop PU Faux Wood Appliques product series.

+ Authorize Dayang Building Material Company as dealer for Central Taiwan.




+ Planning on establishing main warehouse in Daliao, Kaohsiung

+ Went to Malaysia to discuss on the introducing and selling PU moulding in Taiwan.

+ Create the first ever “PU Moulding Sample Boarding” service in the industry.


+ Applied and obtained 20 years of patent of “PU Faux Wood Onlays”.

+ Established the main warehouse in Daliao, Kaohsiung.

+ Leading in moulding research and development. Formally import containers of moulding from Malaysia for sale.

+ Authorize Hesou Building Material Company as dealer for Northern Taiwan.



+ Change Plain Moulding’s length from 2 meters to 2.4 meters.

+ Start to travel to Mainland China to do market study and further enhance production technology.

+ Skirting board production technology transferred to Huachuan Factory, Shangqiu County, Henan Province.



+ Company introduced institutionalized management and standardized operation.

+ Employee family formed “Sisterhood” and dedicate in charity works.

+ Invest in “Huangjia Art Factory”.



+ Established branch in Tainan.

+ Taiwan experienced 921 Earthquakes. Company officially devoted in charity works.


A Decade of H&K



+Established branch in Taipei City.

+The first hardback edition catalog in Taiwan was published.

+Changed Moulding’s length from 6.6 inches to 8 inches, instantly lead the moulding market trends.

+Participated in the Taipei World Trade Building Materials Exhibition for the first time.

+Transformed accessories from FRP to PU, greatly improving the precision of product.


+Official Website was established

+Recruited Lin Hanlong to our product research&development team.

+Introduced floor moulding for marketing.


+Initiated CAD disk for product.



+Expand scope of service and began to develop designer customer business.

+Established the brand: Beauty of East & West

+Developed series of environmental decorative building materials

+Introduced Mazal as the spiritual mark of H&K


+Research and production plant was invested and established in Longgang Town Shenzhen City in mainland to have more direct access to the market demand and improve quality and devote more effort to meet customer requirements. Withdrew Mazal share from the plant, Longgang site dedicated to channel marketing and customer service.

+In December, South Asian Tsunami we called on staffs to donate.



+Set up Taichung branch.

+Introduced professional consultant to improve company competence.


+Promoted Environmental Campaign.。

+Involved recycling into product development.

+ERP system went online


+Practiced retrieve etiquette activity, service satisfaction had been improved

+Introduced Classic art series and began to sell

+Held 20th anniversary Thanksgiving feedback raffle.

+Taipei second warehouse was built.


+Establish demonstration site of Beauty of East & West in Qingnian Road, Kaohsiung City.

+In March, Former Vice President Annette Lu, had  been visit to the Taipei branch and selected mouldings for residence decoration

+20th anniversary celebration began and uniform changed and symbol became Goodware H&K


+Enhanced employee benefits

+Introduced Children education subsidy and scholarship program

A Decade of H&K



+In February, [Mazal Space, Designers Hall] was completed and initiated in Fujian Street, Kaohsiung City.

+[Mazal Space, Designers Hall] stands as an institution for relevant schools and organizations.

+Recruited US-educated designer Zhong Zhihao into product research&development team.




+Introduced “H&K Distibutor” corporate identity system.

+All colleagues made donation to 311 Japan Earthquake.

+All colleagues donated to help several DaAi TV engineers.

+Coordinated with the association of Republic of China interior building decoration professional technicians for the hold of [First National Interior Design Drawing Tournament].

+Introduced H&K 【Journey to the West】 series enterprise mascot represents.



+In early January the new revision of the official website formally launched.

+January 15 newsletter -H&K Aesthetics Space Magazine released

+January 15 Cherish & Grateful music feast was held in Kaohsiung City

+In mid-January, Taichung Branch prepared to set up a second warehouse.

+In mid-January “H&K Digital Academy” online video application was launched

+Education and training system was activated.

+Health Piggy Bank project established to perform, we developed from environmental protection to spiritual purification.

+Tzu Chi DaAi TV interviewed and broadcast Health Piggy Bank project and received enormous positive feedback.

+The first annual Thanksgiving dinner, in the form of Vegetable feast was held in Kaohsiung City.。

+Our concept of environmental protection and healthy reservation gained warm response.



+Initiated Asia-Pacific operation site in China and set up a preparatory group, planning all the establishment matters.

+New ERP system set, service and efficiency were refined.

+Activated the correction of H&K pronunciation, changing from the mistaken 【Kuo】 to the right 【Kuei】

+Set ultimate cooperate tone as public feedback

+Visited Taingon primary school and donated supplies.

+Overseas trade department was established and ran.

+Asia-Pacific operation site was established in Dongguan


+Pumpkin dome was applied on TK. Chu design firm in the Green City Peach

+In July, Former Vice President Annette Lu, once visited the Taipei branch to select the decoration materials.

+Assistance to Kaohsiung City 81 Air Blasting disaster

+Advanced an activity (Bamboo Bank) which to save daily money for charity works.

+English catalog was initiated

+Official website was changed.


+Official website revision went on line

+The Cancun Architecture Institute of Mexico invited  Goodware to introduce the products

+Participated the first Taiwan International Building Interior Design Exhibition.

+Flexible  chair rail went on market