Are you interested in learning interior design by yourself? Interior design is a knowledge that understands the usage of a building and the environment. Then, use the material technology and architectural design principles to create a comfortable living space. There are 7 tips for interior design self-learning. Let’s start a “live and learn” life!

interior design self-learning

7 tips for interior design self-learning

interior design self-learning

  1. Hand-painted skill

It is necessary to improve the basic drawing skill of furniture structure and construction layout. Through freehand sketches exercises, such as perspectives, then, draw a complete construction layout.

  1. Computer software

Goodware suggests you learn the basic CAD software. Then, try to convert the manuscript to a computer CAD drawing. In addition, you can go to the construction site to understand some materials and technical term.

  1. Materials

You need to know different materials, including decorative materials and construction materials. Understand their features and usages.

  1. Crafts

There are many types of crafts for the installation process, such as the carpentry, paint, water pipe, and electricity. Understand the features of different crafts.

  1. Color matching

No ugly color, only discordant color. The use of color can affect mental health. For example, the strongly stimulating colors will make people feel uncomfortable. You need to learn the basic principles of color.

  1. Decoration

Furniture and accessories include the tables, chairs, curtains, gardening, lighting, and so on. They are important for a home decoration. The home decoration related to space aesthetics, styles, and life functions.

  1. Life

You can read some design or aesthetics books, such as the style history. Because the theoretical knowledge can increase your design knowledge. Moreover, you can frequently contact the beautiful things, such as the art exhibition and classical music concert. You can show more personal creativities by appreciating artworks.

In conclusion, these are the 7 tips for interior design self-learning. You can use what you learned to create an amazing interior design. Show your creativity and create your own style! Goodware has many decoration ideas that you can refer. Come to check out our PU decorative products!

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