1. The effect of pu molding on layer feeling of color

The pu decorative molding can achieve the purpose of creating layer feeling through light and shadow effects. The essence of light and shade is the human visual perception. Moreover, the visual experience based on color is richer than light and shadow, so if giving molding to match with different color can produce more levels sense that have more variable change.

layer feeling

What is more, the pu molding of different color for decoration can more easily reach agreement with the overall style of the space. The white pu molding are not suitable for all design style, so the dimensional atmosphere of different style needs to match the pu decorative molding of different color.

layer feeling

2. The first example of layer feeling  of color

Next, we will use an example to illustrate the effect that the pu molding with color is helpful for shaping the sense of hierarchy and fitting the space style. 

In the following picture, the black carved molding accentuated the impression of light pool side frame, making the light pool more distinct. Moreover, the upper white molding neutralizes the tough temperament of black molding, make whole ceiling firm with soft. The whole style is slant sedate. However, it doesn’t have too much oppressive feeling because of the layer feeling.  

 layer feeling

3.The second example of layer feeling of color

Let’s turn our attention to the interior of the lamp pool. The lantern highlights the white space in the middle circle, which make the boundary between the lamp pool and the outside more clear. The line of inner circle and the corner pattern build an archaize copper qualitative feeling, which keep consistent with lamp holder. The layer feeling deepens the composed temperament. 

layer feeling

4.The third example of layer feeling of color

Next, we can look at the picture below. As we can see, a lot of pu products with gold drawing are used in the ceiling, which match the color of furniture, counter, curtain. At the same time, the white space between the molding of different widths organize the ceiling layers well. The whole layer feeling is delicate and generous. 

 layer feeling

5.The fourth example of layer feeling of color

The picture below is a dressing room, where is typical example of a bold color scheme. The metope adopts dark green of wood grain as match color, which look very abrupt at first glance, but it show a kind of unusual appearance elegance after decorating the dark aureate smallpox horn line and metope, adding the luxuriant decorative pattern of lamp stage and dresser. The dark gold line plays the main role here, which control the whole environment. So the dark green wall can be integrated into the whole system. 

 layer feeling


The above is the whole information of pu decorative moldings’ color i introduced to you today. Then, i would like to provide a solution to a small puzzle. Why we rarely see the color pu decorative molding? 

Traditional decorative molding is mostly made of gypsum that are difficult to color. Furthermore, the decorative molding of other materials has a poor texture, and the delicate degree also has inadequacy. Those materials often cannot achieve the effect we want. 

The adornment product that PU material pledges is a kind of new-style macromolecule polyurethane building materials. Not only does it show sculptural details better than gypsum, but it also works in a variety of colors like other polymers. What’s more, it still have the function of waterproof, moisture proof, prevent mildew, prevent insect and so on. Generally speaking, it is a kind of very good environmental protection adornment building materials. 

layer feeling

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