The Key of Heart in Taiwan


Heart – is where our feelings, emotions and thoughts remain.
With heart, love, and sense of responsibility, hearts link together.

Key – Tool to open a door, also refers to as the effective way, or the know-how Space, time, and that between each other, are also linked together.

How to contribute? How to treasure? How to build a bridge between two totally different hearts? Steadily and balanced, to let us willing to continue the flow of connection, such needed to be open by the key of heart.

The key within our hearts, Has a function called, “open”.

When we encounter invisible obstacles, At this time, We can use our key wisely to solve the challenge, one by one. A key matches to a lock. With millions of possible combination, But one key can only open to one thing.

In life, we seek for many things. Fame, benefit, wealth, happiness and joy. These locks all matches to one key, It requires listening to make all things come true. The Spiritual Key is within our own heart. It is on us, ourselves.

Heart controls our thoughts, emotions and spiritual feelings. Key controls our body, behaviours and standards. When our heart and key coordinates and blends together. The music of wisdom then prevails.