A lighting artist U-NO, LAI says “The simpler lighting design, the easier to get close to people’s minds. Home should be where you relax. All home design should also be based on this point. Even placing only a table lamp, it is also a touching lighting design.” The lighting plays an important role around us. There are some interior lighting ideas!

Interior lighting ideas

Interior lighting ideas 1 – Staircase mezzanine

When the light shines the books directly, it will make the papers yellowed easily. The indirect lighting is very suitable for this problem. Combine the bookshelves and staircases, then, use Goodware translucent stone panels to form the indirect lighting. This is a useful lighting idea.

Interior lighting ideas

Interior lighting ideas 2 – Roman columns

Combining the translucent stone panels and Roman columns can create an elegant atmosphere. There are many textures of translucent stone panels, such as the faux stone, snowflakes, or faux marble. They are waterproof, Eco- friendly, and lighter than natural stone.

Interior lighting ideas

Interior lighting ideas 3 – PU pierced moldings

PU pierced moldings also can be the indirect lighting. Embed the light on the wall, then install the PU Pierced moldings. In the daytime, they can be the wall decoration. At night, they become the strip light guide your way. The different pattern can create different light and shadow.

Interior lighting ideas

Interior lighting ideas 4 – Ceiling board

The ceiling board lighting is the auxiliary light. Combine the PU carved moldings and ceiling, then, install the light bulb between them. It can be the atmosphere light or simulating natural light.

Interior lighting ideas

In summary, these are the interior lighting ideas that can give you a special light show. Make good use of these ideas to let your home warmer and more relaxed. Even it is a simple lighting design, it also can touch your mind.

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