The history of roman columns can date back to many centuries. They went through the cultural development and inheritance of the Greeks and Italians. Finally inherited by the Romans. The Romans continue improving and developing the roman columns. Each roman columns has a specially designed appearance. Nowadays, we can see the roman columns become the important element of European style. Why do we call them “roman columns”? We will tell you the reason and history of roman columns. And how do we use them in nowadays?

The Origin and Evolution of roman columns

Why do we call them “roman columns”? In the movies of “Wrath of the Titans” and “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief”, we can see the grand Greek temple’s stone colonnade. The concept comes from Ancient Egyptians. The stone colonnade represents the Greeks’ respectability to God. The roman columns have three different types, Doric Order, Ionic Order, and Corinthian Order. Each type has the rigorous proportions, different column capital and column shaft.

roman columns roman columns roman columns
Doric Order Ionic Order Corinthian Order

After the Rome became the strong empire, they learned different artistic achievements of the Greek period. They developed five types of roman columns, such as “Tuscan order”, “Doric order”, “Ionic order”, “Corinthian order”, and “Composite order”. In the Western classical architecture, these five types of roman columns are the important elements. They are also using in many mansions, European-style villas, and upscale hotels. We call these beautiful columns “roman columns”.

roman columns
In general, the roman columns have three parts, the column base, the column shaft, and the column capital. Each part has different size, shape, and proportion. The shapes have two types, square and round. The square roman columns show regular and calmly. The round roman columns show outgoing and lively. Depends on which type you like. Nowadays, the designer can use the roman columns to beautify the European-style villa.The decoration effect of roman columns

roman columns

The use of roman columns in European style

The roman columns can use in exterior and interior.

  • Exterior: increasing the sense of 3D for the appearance of the building.
  • Interior: simple and neat decorative lines can make space elegant and luxury.

roman columns

How do the roman columns match with each European style?

  • Classical style: the roman columns which are beside the walls can match with decorative moldings, they can show the sense of multi-level and bumpy texture.
  • Eastern style: the flower carved stone wall match with the roman columns can beautify the TV walls.
  • Modern simplicity style: the gentle tone stone walls match with the roman columns can show elegant atmosphere.

The roman columns patterns not only use in columns but also can use on the furniture like a cabinet. The roman columns patterns can make the cabinet more elegant.

roman columns

These days, because of the improvement of people’s living standard, we can try to use the roman columns to give our home and family a whole new life.

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