H&K Goal

We insist, so we are the best!

H&K Spirit

Down to earth

To pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone

Innovative and restless. Perfect Perfection

H&K Concept

H&K Belief

New -(Creative and Trendy)

Fast – (Efficiency)

Real – (Practical and Realistic)

Simple – (Industrious, Thrifty, and Routine)

H&K aims for

  1. To raise the standard of building material Industry, and set up the example for this business.
  2. To raise the quality of interior design.
  3. To seek best develop of company and reasonable profit
  4. To make better reaction between co-workers and sense of social responsibility.
  5. To make a idealistic working environment to the employee and to enhance the welfare of employees.
  6. To enhance economic development of society and feedback to the society.