Many house owners like to use PU molding to decorate their houses. Some people see the PU molding cracking, and worry that the house is cracked. The question is how long the PU molding will crack. What are the PU molding cracking reasons? How to solve it? And so on. we will follow a 30-years professional teachers to analyze these issues.

1, How long the PU molding will crack?

This is uncertain, and there are many influencing factors, such as product quality and decoration process, etc, which are all uncertain, as long as you do every step well is one of the clever decisions to prevent future worries.


2, What are the reasons for PU modling cracking?

A.Product quality

The product itself has bends and warps. When we use PU moldings, must check whether the appearance of the PU molding is very straight to avoid the product is flawed after the installation. This will waste much manpower and materials.

PU molding can cause thermal expansion and contraction due to insufficient density. If PU molding density is high enough, will not be affected cracking problems by any weather and deformation. Therefore, the selection of high quality and high density is one of the main factors in selecting PU molding. The density of PU moldings in the market are generally 150~180 kg/m3. However, the density of GoodwareHK PU moldings are up to 240 kg/m3 (±5%). GoodwareHK is strictly controlling every link in the production process of PU molding.


b.The decoration process

Workers did not seam and glue according to standard construction methods.

The construction method will lead to severe cracking after construction. Therefore, it is necessary to use glue-free glue or white glue to bond the joints at the moldings section. After the moldings are connected, there will be some gaps, have to use water-based silicone to repair the joints.


c.Uneven wall surface

If the wall is not flat enough, after the molding nailed, will have some gaps between the molding and the wall. Therefore, must check whether the wall surface is flat before construction. If it is not flat enough, must trim or nail a flat plate to make a base. Especially old house, needs to pay attention to whether the corners of the wall and the ceiling are vertical at 90°.


d.Bonding glue selection

The wrong choice of caulking material at the joint between the molding and the wall surface. For example, due to the silty nature of the earth-filling material, it will be crushed because of the long time. Therefore, glass glue or water-based silicone must be used as the repair caulking material.


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3, GoodwareHK arranged the steps of crack repairing for your reference. It was simply divided into four procedures:

a.Prepareing: Clean the cracked cracks.

b.Gluing: After injecting molding joint glue or filling AB glue in the crevice

c.Repairing: The surface of the joints will be slightly sunken due to drying. At this time, glass glue or water-based Silicone will be better for surface caulking.

d.Finished: Finally, use appropriate pigments to protect the surface of PU moldings.

All things are prevention is better than cure. When you are selecting PU moldings, hope you choose high-quality products and follow the standard methods to avoid such problems.

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