The 20th year of H&K is the Environmental Enterprise year to H&K. We recognized the big impact and changes at that time, all employees in H&K are dedicated to the volunteering of the environmental group to cherish and love the mother earth. They start form the smallest thing (bring their own chopsticks, bows and cups along when dine or buy coffee) to share and build good relationships with others. To execute the idea of recycling, we sort and clean the materials before toss it out to reduce the garbage and the burden of environment. We make so called garbage become our resource again. We also donate to some disadvantages people: the action makes all H&K people here understand the ideas of cherish their life and the action of build lift for others. Everyone join the action of making good deeds to the society to build beauty and peaceful environment for our further generations.

Year 2013 is evolution year of H&K, we promote our action of environmental to spiritual level to motive the action called “healthy piggy bank” and maintain the action of “eat less and give more”. To be good and do good all the times, let good joint and spread to others with wisdom, peace and Gospel.


The consuming to the earth of you and me will one day use up all the resources of the earth.
This is a disaster of the life on the earth. This not only the problem of few country or region, it is the inescapable responsibility of humankind.
How to reverse this? Keep the simple thing, we can reverse it!

Eat less meat, drive less, and cut down the expense and treasure more.
Everyone live thrifty in daily spending, respect God and love our earth and insist simple lift.
Do not look down upon any mall action even you are only one person.
You and I gather small good deeds and we could become big good deed to treasure our earth.
We believe we could change.