Are you a person who likes flowers? Do you see the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan? You may already plant some flower trees in your garden. Next, you should decorate your garden and throw a wonderful teatime! Goodware wants to share some garden ideas with you. Let’s create a beautiful European garden.

Garden ideas

Garden ideas 1 – Roman columns

Besides using the pedestal, the Roman columns are also the good decorations. Enhance the grand feeling of the garden. Put some bouquets of different colors to beautify the garden. You can install the Goodware translucent stone Roman column, then, add a light tube inside. It will be a romantic garden at night.

Garden ideas

Garden ideas 2 – Wall shelves

If you like the small potted plants, you can install the wall shelves for them. You can choose the wooden shelves for rural style or the carved PU shelves for European style. PU wall shelves are lightweight, waterproof, and non-toxic. You can water the plants safely. Moreover, you can paint the gold leaf to increase the elegant feeling!

Garden ideas

Garden ideas 3 – Corbels

You probably know that the function of a corbel is to assist the column. But the corbels can also be the decorations. You can install them to embellish the garden. Paint the color that you like. You can put the books you love to read on it. Increase the convenience of reading in the garden!

Garden ideas

In sum, these are the garden ideas that you can refer. The spring season is coming! You should decorate your garden and enjoy the teatime. Goodware has many different types of PU products. You can combine them and create your own style. Come to check out our website.

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